League of Legends: Dawnbringer Karma Charity Campaign Raises $6 Million

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League of Legends: Dawnbringer Karma Charity Campaign Raises $6 Million

Riot Games has announced that the community has raised $6 million from Dawnbringer Karma sales. This skin was sold to raise money for charities all across the world with the Riot Games Social Impact Fund. It's similar to the Dark Star Cho'Gath event last year. Head of Karma (Social Impact) Jeffrey Burrell commented on the campaign's stunning success:

“We are incredibly humbled by our players’ generosity. They have shown us time and time again that they care deeply about making the world, and their communities, a better place. We are committed to finding new ways to make meaningful impact at the global and local levels, and are excited to see the hard work we put into Social Impact Fund begin to benefit people around the World.”

As a result, Riot is opening up the pools to players to decide where the money will go. Starting on April 10th, players will be able to vote through the client on charities in their region they want to support. The winner for each region will receive 50% of the region's charity pool. After that, the next two will receive 25%. There are 46 incredible nonprofit charities that have been selected so far from around the world. In addition, each charity is guaranteed at least $10,000, meaning smaller regions won't lose out.

Amongst all the bad news with the global COVID-19 pandemic, this is great news to hear. With this program, players can support causes that matter the most to them. Altogether, it's a fantastic program that Riot should be given quite a bit of praise for.

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