Daequan Returns, Says Bad Internet Ended the NRG Thoom House

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Daequan Returns, Says Bad Internet Ended the NRG Thoom House

Daequan came back to Twitch after several months to explain his absence, the NRG Thoom House and more.

Former NRG Thoom House member Daequan “Daequan” Loco resurfaced Sunday evening following an extended absence from Twitch and social media. Fans naturally wondered what happened to the veteran content creator after his unprecedented return to the internet alongside Darryle “Hamlinz” Hamlin this past summer. While Daequan went radio silent, rumors were that the $7M USD NRG Thoom House project flopped not long after the two signed with the esports organization. 

Hamlinz broke his silence last week on his Twitch stream. He explained that the content house had problems from the get-go. Even so, fans wanted to hear Daequan’s perspective and a reason why he disappeared from the internet. 

After ample speculation, Daequan went live on Twitch to answer all questions regarding the NRG Thoom House, his status with the organization and more in a tell-all live stream. 

Thoom House Internet Issues & More

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The reason surrounding NRG’s Thoom House collapse revolved around internet issues. Hamlinz said as much in his return stream on Twitch (https://estnn.com/the-nrg-thoom-house-featuring-daequan-hamlinz-is-no-more/), and Daequan echoed the exact root cause and more. 

In one clip, Daequan addressed the internet issues, saying that house inhabitants were told they had a fiber line. He described DSL internet instead and that the room where the service provider set up had things he hadn’t seen in years.

Upon arriving at the house, Daequan stated there were no Ethernet ports in his room, only a phone jack, which he called the first red flag. He said multiple technicians attempted to fix the internet for several months, but it never improved. 

In another clip, Daequan explained that climate control was non-existent in his room for four months. It was constantly cold despite NRG’s attempts to fix the issue. As a result, he slept anywhere he could comfortably. He added that the shower also did not work correctly.

Addressing “Scam” Allegations

Following Daequan’s radio silence, critics claimed that he and Hamlinz returned for a payday and promptly disappeared from the internet. He called the various YouTubers covering the story uninformed. Daequan explained that he doesn’t need to stream for money, as he made financial decisions back in 2019 that set him up for life. 

All in all, he took offense to those that called him a scammer and said that anyone familiar with Daequan knows that he is genuine. 

Is Daequan Still with NRG?


When asked if he is still in NRG, Daequan responded, saying that he doesn’t know. “I was contracted to them for the Thoom House, right, but I mean Thoom House is over. So, I don’t know. But I mean, it wasn’t NRG’s fault. They tried to help, but everything that was going on was just unfortunate,” he said. 

It seems that Daequan and Hamlinz are officially no longer with NRG based on the former’s words. Although the organization has not spoken on the matter, the Thoom House is no more, which could void the contract.

What’s Next for Daequan?

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Daequan assured viewers that he would be streaming from his house in California for the time being. Beyond that, he mentioned moving back to Las Vegas within the next month to do some version of the Thoom House. Whether that’s under the NRG banner or not remains to be seen. Daequan just wants to stream and do so consistently based on his words. 

We’ll have to see what NRG has to say regarding the Thoom House drama—if anything at all. For now, Daequan plans to return tomorrow with Fortnite and has tentative plans to move residences soon. 

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