CS2 How To Spot a Cheater

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CS2 How To Spot a Cheater

CS2 Cheater and How To Spot them.

Many want to get better at the game, so they read guides, watch videos and play as much as possible. However, others want to get results as fast as possible, which is why they start cheating.

Counter-Strike is one of the pioneers regarding game cheats because people have been using them forever. There were cheats during CS 1.5, and they became extremely popular in 1.6. Even though players thought that there wouldn’t be any cheats in CSGO, this didn’t happen, and they became available a few months after the new game’s arrival.

No one likes cheaters, and no one wants to play against them, but they are among us. With that said, this guide from ESTNN will try to show you what to do when you think that someone is cheating. Accusing someone of doing for being a chapter can ruin the experience for everyone if he isn’t, so let’s see what you can do to check whether the given player is actually cheating.


It is important to remember that there are all kinds of CSGO cheats out there, and people always come up with new ideas. It is almost impossible to list everything because the possibilities are endless, but one group of cheats is way more popular than the rest, and it’s called Aimbots.

These cheats focus on landing headshots. Some of the more advanced versions will work in a natural way, meaning that it will be tough to tell that someone is cheating. However, you can also find things similar to the Alienhack in CS 1.6, where players kill you instantly through walls and other things.

An important thing to keep in mind is that some Aimbot hacks do not focus on headshots. Instead, they help you land your shots, regardless of the weapon you’re using. As you can imagine, it will be hard to spot someone using this cheat, even if you have more experience. 

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How to spot someone who’s aim-botting?

As mentioned, spotting a cheater who uses a good Aimbot hack is easier said than done because it may seem like he is just good with the given weapon, such as the AWP. However, once you start spectating him and notice that he hits impossible shots every round, it might be because he is cheating.

Another thing to look for when deciding whether someone is cheating is to pay attention to whether this person lands his shots while moving. As mentioned in some of CSGO movement guides, this is a complex thing that people must master to be effective. However, some players make it look too easy by hitting all of their shots while moving, which is an obvious sign that they’re cheating. 

Aside from CSGO AWP Aimbots, people use this hack for other things as well, such as rifles. Fortunately, spotting someone using this hack is easier because they often start spraying before their crosshair is on the target. Once they do that, the Aimbot will automatically put it on top of it.

Wall Hacks


Even though many CSGO cheaters are fans of the Aimbot because it allows them to be more efficient, experienced players will spot it easily. Since no one wants to get banned, players often try other options, such as the Wall Hacks.

There are different kinds of CSGO Wall Hacks, but most of them allow a player to see through walls, similar to what it’s like when you’re watching CSGO tournament. Unsurprisingly. Seeing where your enemies give you a huge advantage because you can always surprise them.

How to spot a wall hacker?

The bad news when it comes down to wall hacks is that it is really hard to tell whether someone is using it, especially if the person knows how to hide it. Many people will try to do things like fake checking, which means they will try to make you think that they’re actually checking the given angle when they’re only doing it to trick you. 

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Since the wall hack lets you see people through walls, you always know where they are. Inexperienced cheaters won’t try to fake this and will only check corners where they’ll find an enemy, which will let you spot them in a matter of minutes. However, those who know how to fake those things will take more spectating.

Some people will try to pre-fire when approaching all angles to trick you into thinking that they got lucky when they eventually land a kill. However, this is usually a big red flag that the given person might be wall hacking.

General Tips for Spotting Cheaters

In addition to the specific things related to the most popular hacks, there are a couple of general tips and tricks you must keep in mind when looking for cheaters. Crosshair placement, for example, is one of them because people who’re good at CSGO will know how to position their crosshairs in the most efficient way. However, if you see people who’re starting at the ground and then land insane headshots, it is pretty apparent they’re cheating.

Their general movement, map awareness, and other small things can help you determine whether a given player is cheating. If someone does not know anything about movement, crosshair placements, positioning, how to use nades, etc., but he’s consistently landing insane shots and carries his team, he is obviously a cheater.

There are always exceptions, but most people who do those kinds of things are cheaters. It will be interesting to see whether Source 2 will fix the cheating problem in CSGO when it becomes available. Even though we don’t believe this will fix the cheating problem in CSGO, it should have a positive effect.

CS2 How To Spot a Cheater
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