CoD MW3 Zombie Mangler Bundle – Is It Worth It?

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CoD MW3 Zombie Mangler Bundle – Is It Worth It?

Let's see what the Zombie Mangler Bundle in CoD MW3 has to offer and if it is worth it

Activision continues to add new content to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and it has helped immensely in sustaining the game and growing its player base. Updates include new themed events, cosmetics and game modes. Other than that regular game balancing patches have been coming out almost every week. One of the new pieces of content released by the developers is the Zombie Mangler bundle. The bundle came out in the store shortly after the Season 3 update and many people are questioning if it is worth getting.

So let’s take a look at the bundle and see what it has to offer. Then we share our thoughts on if the Zombie Mangle bundle is worth checking out.

CoD MW3 Zombie Mangler Bundle

The new bundle is undead-themed and is available in the in-game store for Multiplayer and Warzone. This bundle takes a more detailed route towards being more visually pleasing and having aesthetics that go well with the main theme. The bundle contains numerous items that go with the undead aesthetic.

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Zombie Mangler Bundle Price

The bundle is priced at 2,000 CP of CoD Points. It is important to point out that this pricing is much cheaper compared to the ones for other standard bundles in Warzone and Multiplayer. Currently, you can get 2,000 CP for $20 in the store.

CoD MW3 Zombie Mangler Bundle - Is It Worth It?

Credit: Activision

One bit of good news here is that all the extra CP you have stored from transactions before will count toward this purchase, which will offset the cost of the bundle.

What Is in the Zombie Mangler Bundle

The new Zombie Mangler Bundle contains a bunch of items with an undead zombie theme in mind. It contains two weapons blueprints, one weapons case, an Operator Skin and some accessories which include decals and weapon charms. All items are designed to follow the undead theme that was intended.

Here are all the items in the bundle:

  • Maim Operator Skin
  • Transfusion RPK Weapon Blueprint
  • Oxidized Riveter Weapon Blueprint
  • Wunderwaffe DG-2 Case Zombies Acquisition
  • I Hunger Large decal
  • Infected Weapon Sticker
  • Slayed and Decayed Weapon Charm

Is the Zombie Mangler Worth Buying

The Zombie Mangler Bundle has a bunch of unique items with quite cool designs. The bundle as a whole is a lot less pricey compared to the regular standard bundles. However, the pack isn’t as great as the other bundles that have been added recently. It has a very gloomy aesthetic compared to other skins.

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If you do enjoy the theme that the developers were going for with this bundle, which is a zombie-themed undead collection, then you can most definitely go for this. There was a bundle in Season 2 which was also quite similar to the Zombie Mangler. If that pack was something you liked then you will surely enjoy this one too.

CoD MW3 Zombie Mangler Bundle - Is It Worth It?

Credit: Activision

Another important note is that the Operator Skin included in the bundle is for the operator Gaz. He hasn’t received any sort of skin or bundle in quite some time. So if you’re a fan of Gaz then this is certainly a bundle you have to get as he doesn’t get his own bundles or operator skins often.

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CoD MW3 Zombie Mangler Bundle – Is It Worth It?
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