New Ghost and Soap Operator Skins Leaked in CoD MW3 Season 3

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New Ghost and Soap Operator Skins Leaked in CoD MW3 Season 3

Let's look at the leaks about the new operator skins for Ghost and Soap in CoD MW3 Season 3

Activision continues to add content to their latest edition in the Call of Duty franchise, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Since late December of 2023, the developers have been working hard, adding new content for the players. These include new weapons, blueprints, skins and much more. These have helped Activision continue to grow the player base at a stable rate and reduce the number of people leaving. Recently, players have been able to find leaks about more content which will be added during Season 3. These include new skins for the operator's Ghost and Soap.

Let’s take a deep dive into these two operators and how the community is reacting to these leaks.

Ghost and Soap Operator Skins in CoD MW3 Season 3

After the most recent Season 2 Reloaded update, players have been treated to a new plethora of content across Multiplayer, Zombies and Warzone. The new maps, events and skins have been received well by the players. Now with Season 3 straight ahead, Activision has already started working on the new update, and this update includes new operator skins for the operators Ghost and Soap.

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Players have been asking for operator skins ever since new characters from the campaign were added to the game. Characters like Price, Gaz, Alex and others have always had a high demand for cosmetics.

What’s in store for Ghost and Soap

According to the leak, both Ghost and Soap will get two skins each. However, no images of the skins have been revealed yet. There is no clue as to what the theme of these skins will be. Usually, each update has a certain aesthetic or theme, on which all the skins and cosmetics are based on.

New Ghost and Soap Operator Skins Leaked in CoD MW3 Season 3
Credit: Activision

However, so far no leaks about the appearance of the skins have surfaced. Considering the variety and diversity of skins for each operator, it is hard to have a solid guess. It can be anything, ranging from tactical military clothing to being covered in fire.

What the players want

Players have expressed their opinions about the leak in the tweet added above. Most hope to see a version of Soap and Ghost from the latest campaign where they are both rocking jeans. This version of the two characters has appeared a bunch of times in the game’s campaign.

There is a certain group of players who have expressed that they believe that the devs should shift their attention to other aspects of the game. Various small bugs and glitches have been popping up recently and ruining the player’s experience. They wish for Activision to address and fix these issues and worry about cosmetics later.

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New Ghost and Soap Operator Skins Leaked in CoD MW3 Season 3
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