CoD Mobile Season 1 – New Year of the Rabbit Content

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CoD Mobile Season 1 – New Year of the Rabbit Content

This is what's new with CoD Mobile Season 1 and everything you can play through.

The first new season of CoD Mobile is dropping soon, starting up on January 18.  This new season is resetting the counter for Call of Duty mobile, starting all the way back in Season 1. Although, it’s not the first time CoD Mobile has run through Seasons 1, 2 and others.  Fittingly for a fresh start, CoD Mobile Season 1 is subtitled Reawakening. It’s beginning with a season based around the Year of the Rabbit. It’s going to bring new changes to the Battle Royale map, new multiplayer game modes, and more content too.

In terms of lore, this new season is following on from the end of an attack on New Vision City. With old groups disbanded, new forces are forming to fill the gap. There’s plenty of substantial new content coming like new modes, Battle Pass, and store updates.

This is what’s new with CoD Mobile Season 1 and when you can get your hands on the latest update.

CoD Mobile Season 1 Update

CoD Mobile Season 1 has had a big shift in its narrative and a full reset to the season count. It’s changed beyond the surface level though. There’s loads of new content and expansions that players can discover waiting for them in CoD Mobile Season 1. There are new multiplayer modes, a new version of the iconic Nuketown map and some new features coming to the Battle Royale mode.

CoD Mobile Season 1 Battle Pass

As with any new season, there’s going to be a fresh Battle Pass for CoD Mobile Season 1. This is going to have new camos and blueprints. along with new Operator Skins too. These are some of the new looks that are going to be available with the new season.

  • Fate’s Champion
  • Rampage
  • Venomous Baker
  • Breaker Bathysphere
  • Hog Heaven

There are loads of tiers to play through and unlock in the new Battle Pass. Plenty of the cosmetics are themed around the Year of the Rabbit too.

On the Free Tier, you can find plenty of free cosmetics. There are weapon blueprints, camos and more without you having to make a purchase. If you do go for the Premium Battle Pass for CoD Mobile Season 1, there are all those new Operator Skins and a Blueprint for one of the new weapons the Dingo. Players who go for a Premium Battle Pass also get a 10% boost on their XP and discounts on crate pulls as a few extra bonuses.

Multiplayer Changes in CoD Mobile Season 1

CoD Mobile Season 1

One of the headline new changes to CoD Mobile Season 1 is going to be Multiplayer mode. It’s getting a brand-new game mode, Big Head Blizzard.

The new mode is a play on the Big Head Mode that appeared as a cheat code bonus across gaming in the 90s. Players in this mode start out normal. As they deal damage, they’ll get a bigger and bigger head. Eventually, they’ll be left with just a bobblehead. That gives them high health and just a melee weapon to do damage. This is more of a party mode, but it’ll be a fun change of pace, great for celebrating the New Year in CoD Mobile.

There are other changes to the roster of games coming alongside the Multiplayer addition though. Super Attack of the Undead is coming back. This is going to feature new and improved character models, extra maps and abilities, and a theme for the Lunar New Year. A new version of Nuketown is going to be joining this game.  Zombie Mode has been around for a while but this new expansion should improve it.

The new version of the map is themed after the Year of the Rabbit, the entire town has been done up to celebrate the New Year.

Battle Royale Changes

CoD Mobile Season 1

The Battle Royale game mode for Call of Duty Mobile is getting some alterations with this season as well.

Battle Royale will have two new POIs for the newest season. These will be the Ecology Lab and the T-3 Refinery. These will both be on the isolated map. The Refinery looks especially interesting, it’s adding mobility options to the map for players. There will be cylinders that contain an updraft, this pushes players upwards and lets them quickly get around the map.

There will also be two new ways to grab loot on the new map. You can find a new robot rabbit creature, the R.A.B.T. It’s a roaming rabbit which will drop loot once you attack it. The R.A..T will drop greater loot the more damage you deal. If you get a lot of damage in through a short duration, then you’ll get high-value loot back out.

You can also find Loot Balloons, these are new drops at specific POIs which will give out loot. They’re all themed around the Lunar New Year.

New Currency

CoD Mobile Season 1

A new currency is getting added in with the CoD Mobile Season 1 update too. Limited Time Tickets are getting introduced. This is going to be a new currency that you can exchange for rewards in-game. This is a limited-time currency that you can spend them on the marketplace in-game.

New Gear for CoD Mobile Season 1

CoD Mobile Season 1

There’s some new gear coming in for CoD Mobile Season 1. These are some of the additions that have been made.

  • Mythic DL Q33 – This new Mythic DL Q33. It has loads of different skins available.
  • Zodiac Skins – New Zodiac-themed skins are hitting the game.
  • Legendary Blueprints – Some new blueprints are here for the Dingo, MAC-10, and the AS VAL.
  • Battle Pass Vault – Winter War stream is coming to the Battle Pass vault. You can earn some of the content that you’ve missed that’s available again in the Vault.

CoD Mobile Season 1

When Does CoD Mobile Season 1 Launch?

The new version of CoD Mobile Season 1 will be launching very soon. It’s due to start up on January 18, at 4 PM PT. That’s midnight GMT, 7 PM ET, and 1 AM CET. Everyone will get access to the new season at that time. They is going to be loads of new content for you to play through once the update hits.

CoD Mobile Season 1 – New Year of the Rabbit Content
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