Cloud9 Book Their Spot in the LCS Spring Finals and MSI 2023 With the Dominating Sweep Over FlyQuest

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Cloud9 Book Their Spot in the LCS Spring Finals and MSI 2023 With the Dominating Sweep Over FlyQuest

Cloud9 will be one of the two North American representatives in the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational.

The two best teams from the LCS Spring regular season faced off against each other for the opportunity to secure their spot in the LCS Finals that will be held in Raleigh, North Carolina. Cloud9 and FlyQuest already played a mini Bo3 series during the split thanks to a tiebreaker, which was Cloud9 favored with a 2-1 score. Naturally, C9 was the favorite coming into this series as well, but a recent resurgence from FlyQuest during the 100 Thieves series elevated the excitement.

Another big significance for this Bo5 besides the Finals berth was the Mid-Season Invitational qualification. Thanks to the recent format changes to the international LoL Esports events, all four major regions now have two representatives going to the MSI. As the winner of this series would ensure a Finals appearance, it would also mean they would at least guarantee making the Play-In stage for the MSI in London.

Cloud9 vs FlyQuest Game 1

Both teams kept their draft priorities from their previous series coming into today. FlyQuest stuck to their teamfight picks like Zeri and Wukong, while Cloud9 was prioritizing Maokai and pushing Varus lanes. One surprise pick in this draft was the mid lane Tristana for EMENES.

Despite the scaling draft, FlyQuest still tried to contest Cloud9 for both early objectives. They were able to get some kills back to keep the game close but Cloud9 swept the neutral objectives as FlyQuest was too uncoordinated while setting up. Tristana also was massive in taking turrets which helped snowball the gold lead. Cloud9 also find a 20-minute Baron after they caught the enemy support and jungle.

Cloud9 almost pushed too hard with their Baron siege by taking a bad 4v5 fight, but they were able to recover quickly by taking another drake and getting on the Soul point. And FlyQuest couldn’t even fight for the Soul itself as they got clean aced in the mid lane and had to give it up. That same ace also led to the second Baron for Cloud9. They played around it much more cleanly and took two inhibitors. As they sieged the third one, FlyQuest went for a one last engage which backfired and let C9 end the first game.

  • Teams: C9 1 – 0 FLY
  • Time: 32:10
  • Kills: 23 – 8
  • Turrets: 11 – 2
  • Gold: 65.3k – 49.9k
  • Dragons: 4 – 1
  • Barons: 2 – 0
LoL Devs Target Turrets to Curb Lane Swaps

Cloud9 vs FlyQuest Game 2

FlyQuest switched sides for Game 2 but their pick/bans did not change too much except for a tank jungler for Spica. Cloud9 on the other hand opted for more teamfighting rather than poke this time with a Soraka pick.

Eyla’s rough start to the series continued as he gave up the first blood in a 2v2, even after Spica blow the enemy summoners with an early gank. FlyQuest’s second gank attempt in the bot lane also backfired and they gave up two more kills to Berserker. Cloud9 used their bot lane advantage very well to get two early drakes and full five plates for a 2k gold lead. Mid game was reminiscent of the first game as FlyQuest won one fight to delay the Soul, but lost the following ones to give over the Soul anyways plus a Baron. Cloud9 was once again patient with their first Baron and didn’t push toward the enemy base without securing a second purple buff. During the siege, FlyQuest tried to go for a teleport play, but Cloud9 engaged in the 5v4 and cleaned up the fight, giving themselves the series point.

  • Teams: FLY 0 – 2 C9
  • Time: 34:45
  • Kills: 5 – 18
  • Turrets: 3 – 10
  • Gold: 53.6k – 66.5k
  • Dragons: 1 – 4
  • Barons: 0 – 2

Cloud9 vs FlyQuest Game 3

Backs against the wall FlyQuest got rid of two problem champions by banning away the Varus and first picking Maokai. This time Cloud9 answered with a more traditional front-to-back comp with Aphelios and Sejuani.

LoL Devs Target Turrets to Curb Lane Swaps

Spica this time had a much better start with a level one invade, but unfortunately for him, the game had a brief pause just three minutes in. When we came back from the pause, it was Cloud9 who found the first blood in the mid lane. Cloud9 also ruined FlyQuest’s plans at the first Herald. While Fly five man rotated to the objective, C9 ADC stayed bot lane to take plates. C9 still took the fight and won it three kills to one, blowing open the gold lead in the early game. FlyQuest won their one classic fight during mid game, but they found it hard to do more as Berserker kept cleaning up fights, even winning a 1v2 against FlyQuest bot lane.

Cloud9 wasn’t as clean in this game, they over-forced couple of plays including a Baron Spica managed to steal. But FlyQuest had to trade a Hextech Soul for this Baron as they gave four kills in the contest, which also meant they couldn’t use the buff themselves. Even the game going longer didn’t help FlyQuest as they kept getting caught before major objectives. Eventually, Cloud9 took the Baron and Elder at the same time and just brute forced their way into the enemy base. With the 3-0 victory here, Cloud9 guaranteed themselves a spot in both the LCS Finals and the MSI 2023.

  • Teams: FLY 0 – 3 C9
  • Time: 36:49
  • Kills: 13 – 25
  • Turrets: 3 – 9
  • Gold: 66.4k – 75.5k
  • Dragons: 1 – 5
  • Barons: 1 – 2

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Cloud9 Book Their Spot in the LCS Spring Finals and MSI 2023 With the Dominating Sweep Over FlyQuest
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