Claim Free Copy Of Metro: Last Light Complete Edition On Steam For Limited Time

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Claim Free Copy Of Metro: Last Light Complete Edition On Steam For Limited Time

Metro: Last Light recently celebrated its 10th birthday, and 4A Games has a birthday give for us all: the Last Light experience for free. 

The Metro2033 series is widely regarded by many to be one of the most atmospheric franchises in modern gaming. The most recent Metro title, Exodus, garnered high praise, but many fans still consider the second franchise entry the best in the series. If you want to see for yourself if that's true, you can do so right now. And for free. 

Fans can head over to Steam and pick up a copy of Metro: Last Light Complete Edition and pay a grand total of $0. 

This is far from the first time Metro: Last Light has been available for free. Metro: Last Light Redux was a free game in the Epic Games Store last December and back in 2021. However, not everyone is a fan of the Epic Games Launcher. Not only that, but you'll notice this is the Complete Edition of Last Light, not the Redux. 

For those unaware, when games get Definitive/Enhanced/Anniversary etc. Editions, the original versions of these games, will often vanish completely from digital platforms. And this can be a nuisance, especially if your rig can handle the requirements of the original game but not the newer one. Sometimes there are noticeable differences in gameplay between the Original and Enhanced Editions. Speaking from experience, this is the case for Metro 2033 and 2033 Redux. 

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The entire Metro franchise is on sale on Steam right now, and notice how Metro 2033 Redux is available, but the original Metro 2033 is gone and has been for years. So has the original edition of Last Light.

This is a good opportunity to add a version of Last Light to your collection that is otherwise very tricky to obtain. You have until May 25 to pick this up.