Cities Skylines 2 Gets Beach Properties DLC in March, Plus Official Mod Support

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Cities Skylines 2 Gets Beach Properties DLC in March, Plus Official Mod Support

Cities Skylines 2 is getting its next bit of DLC later in March, as we head to the beach in the Beach Properties DLC.

There's nothing quite like spending your day relaxing in front of calming blue seas with the wind in your hair. Just make sure to slap on the Factor 50, and bring a spare towel.

Beach Properties DLC

As for Cities Skylines 2, you won't need all that, because it's just a video game. Coming on March 25th, Beach Properties adds a new residential zone for beachside housing. The DLC will feature:

  • 30 North American Buildings
  • 30 European Buildings
  • 6 Signature buildings
  • 4 Palm Trees
  • New “Deluxe Relax” radio station (sold separately from the DLC)

The DLC is available for $9.99 (or your local equivalent) or as part of the ongoing Warterfronts Expansion Pass or Ultimate Edition of the game. The DLC announcement also saw the game's roadmap get an update.

Cities Skylines 2 roadmap

Cities Skylines 2 Mod Support

With the arrival of the March 25th update, Cities Skylines 2 will also add mod support to the game. This beta release of the modding tools will be available in-game and will allow players to implement new map or code mods. All of this is done via the Paradox Mod Platform. As with other Paradox titles, the platform will allow players to browse the platform for other user-created content to add to their game.

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Mariina Hallikainen, CEO of Colossal Order had this to say:

“Modding is part of the lifeblood of Cities: Skylines, and starting our Modding Beta is going to be a transformative step for Cities: Skylines II. The creativity and feedback from our players are what makes this community what it is. We can't wait to see how everyone puts these tools to use, and work alongside them to make sure everyone is empowered to make the cities of their dreams.”

Cities Skylines 2 is currently 10% off as part of the Steam Spring Sale, though that will end prior to the DLC being released.

Cities Skylines 2 Gets Beach Properties DLC in March, Plus Official Mod Support
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