Cinderace Returns in 7-Star Raids

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Cinderace Returns in 7-Star Raids

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet's most recent Raid is back for round two.

Fighting Tera Cinderace makes one last appearance in the 7-Star Raids this weekend.

Fighting Tera Cinderace

Cinderace the Unrivaled (Cinderace)
Ability: Libero  
Tera Type: Fighting 
Adamant Nature  
- High Jump Kick
- Pyro Ball  
- Acrobatics  
- Iron Head

The Cinderace event will last from Friday January 12th to Sunday January 14th. This event Cinderace comes with the Mightiest Mark, hence its “Unrivaled” title. It also has perfect IVs upon capture, making the single catch limit reasonable by giving every trainer an equally perfect Cinderace! Although not listed on the move list, Cinderace will also have the move Bulk Up during the raid, making it more formidable on both the damage and defensive front. As if it weren't hard enough to defeat already.

Best Raid Pokémon

The strategy developed by trainers around the world is to have  Slowbro EV trained in Special Attack and HP use stat boosting moves like Calm Mind and Iron Defense, while having something like Quilfish boosting its other stats with Acupressure while lowering Cinderace's stats with Chilling Water and Acid Spray. Then, Slowbro uses Stored Power to unleash its built up bulk on the Cinderace and melt down its health bar. It isn't as simple as Azumarill and Iron Hands strategies, but it works very well.


Besides a perfect IV Cinderace, trainers can also receive Ability Patches, Battle Caps, Tera Shards, Mints, Nuggets, and plenty of easy to find items in bulk. The rewards can be won from doing multiple Cinderace raids over again, but only one Cinderace can be caught during the event.

Cinderace Returns in 7-Star Raids
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