Chuppa Cross Interview at Pokémon Pittsburgh Regional

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Chuppa Cross Interview at Pokémon Pittsburgh Regional

We got a Chuppa Cross interview while at the Pokémon VGC Pittsburgh Regional to see how his first event was going.

You won your Game 3 on stream, and then took a loss in Round 4. What was the difference between those games and what did you struggle with in Round 4?

“Round 4 my team had a pretty aggressive team and I wasn't familiar with how they were going to use some of their tools. By the time I had an idea which things I could exploit, it was a little bit too late for me and I'd spent a little too much time learning.”

What Pokémon or items are you struggling to combat with your team right now?

“Choice Specs can just load up damage really quickly. I have Iron Bundle for speed control, but you know some Choice Specs Pokémon just do damage a little bit too quickly for Iron Bundle to keep up with, like (Choice) Specs Gholdengo is something that I was struggling with in the first round.”

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Flutter Mane is the dominant pick for damage right now. What made you not pick it for your team, what did you replace it with?

“Flutter Mane is really strong, but it was never really on my team. I tested a little bit but it wasn't a close fit. I ended up preferring other heavy Special Attackers like Heatran especially since Heatran can turn into a Fairy-type as well.”

A lot of people prefer Grass Tera Heatran, so what's the idea behind running Fairy Tera Heatran?

“I think the thing to understand about Grass is: sure you get to do great against Amoongus, do good against Rillaboom, but your opponent might have a Chien-pao or something in the back that's gonna punish it. A lot of teams don't actually have something to hit Fairy for super effective right now so you get a lot of the benefits without the drawbacks.”

We're in the last stage of Regulation D, so what do you think we'll be seeing going forward?

“I think if Regulation D has the same Pokémon, it's probably going to look very similar. I think it's just going to be tough for any of the new or returning Pokémon to keep up with powerhouses like Urshifu, Landorus, Flutter Mane, there's just so many Pokémon like that which are probably going to stay very dominant even with some of the returning faces.”

Chuppa Cross Interview at Pokémon Pittsburgh Regional
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