China Bans Fortnite & PUBG, Also Warns Overwatch & LoL

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China Bans Fortnite & PUBG, Also Warns Overwatch & LoL

The Chinese government’s new ‘Online Ethics Review Committee' has banned Fortnite, PUBG, and seven other titles for “promoting incorrect values.” The main reasons were for how they depicted females, and for the use of blood and gore.

Fortnite was likely banned due to the depiction of women, as the game doesn't have blood or gore, but does depict violence. The Chinese government also warned that League of Legends and Overwatch need to take “corrective action” or they will also face an “outright ban.” League of Legends and Overwatch were also said to have “overly revealing female characters” which promote “incorrect values.”

League of Legends was said to have “inharmonious chatrooms.”  Blizzard, Epic Games, nor Riot  Games have made statements regarding China's decisions.

Chinese mega-company Tencent had six games on the list of 20 games being reviewed and/or banned. Tencent recently lost $20 billion in value due to China's ban on certain games.

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