Charizard Tera Raid Event Begins in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

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Charizard Tera Raid Event Begins in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Pokémon's favorite creation makes its Scarlet and Violet Debut in the Charizard Tera Raid.

The first 7-star Raid event is a Dragon Terastillization Form Charizard.

Dragon Terastillization Charizard Tera Raid

The most important thing to note about Charizard in this raid is that it will always appear at Level 100. This means only the best, most competitively built Pokémon are going to be strong enough to counter it and defeat it in the allotted time given. Unlike Charizard Raids in Sword and Shield, this Charizard is not 4x Weak to Rock type, meaning only 2x Supper Effective damage will be viable for chipping its health down. Coordination is key. Four random strong Pokémon will have a hard time countering its constant powerful moves and status removal. When inviting people to your raid, try to ensure they are using a strong Pokémon capable of Super Effective damage on Dragon Types.

Most importantly, this Charizard packs a huge competitive advantage, with the ability to not only remove its 4x Weakness to Rock Type moves by Terastillizing, but also adds a 50% STAB boost to its Dragon Type attacks. One of those attacks is Dragon Pulse, which your Raid Charizard will have upon capture.

How to Unlock Charizard Raids

Firstly, you will need to complete the full story of the game. Then, after winning the Academy Ace Tournament, Professor Jacq will call your Rotom Phone and tell you that strong Raids are beginning to appear. Find 5-Star Raids (in your world, not online) and take them on. You'll need to invite your friends or players online to ensure clean sweeps of all these strong raids. Once you defeat enough 5-Star Raid Pokémon, you'll be told by Professor Jacq that even stronger Raids are appearing now. At this point, you will have unlocked 6-Star Raids, and can now find and participate in 7-Star Event Raids like this Charizard one.

Event Times

There will be two blocks of four days to participate in this event. The first is from December 1st to December 4th. Then, the raids will appear again from December 15th to December 18th. Get them now if you can, but if not, don't fret! There will be another round of raids to come for those who haven't finished the game!

Charizard Tera Raid Event Begins in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet
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