CDL Major 1 – Day 4 Recap

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CDL Major 1 – Day 4 Recap

Find out everything that went down on Championship Sunday in our CDL Major 1 Day 4 Recap.

The first Championship Sunday of the year saw some surprise maps and dominant performances. Here’s a recap of all the matches.

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OpTic Texas 3-1 London Royal Ravens

The London Royal Ravens began this series on the front foot on one of their favorite maps, Berlin. It was the veteran Zer0 who stepped up, dropping 30 kills with a 1.67 K/D. However, the first round of map two saw iLLeY clutch a 1v3. This swung all the momentum in the favor of OpTic, who then 6-0’d the SnD and won 3-0 in the Control.

This momentum was carried into Tuscan Hardpoint for map four, where all OpTic players went positive and secured their place in the Grand Finals of Major 1. Dashy was dominant throughout, finishing the series with a 1.55 Overall K/D.

Atlanta FaZe 3-0 Toronto Ultra

Toronto Ultra’s winless Hardpoint streak was extended to 0-7 as FaZe took map one 250-144. Simp picked it up towards the end of the map, which is a scary sight for any team who plays against FaZe. A 6-1 map two saw Atlanta FaZe take a 2-0 lead in the series, and continue their easy ride against the European Ultra side.

Atlanta FaZe completed their 3-0 sweep and advanced to take on the Royal Ravens in Losers Finals, looking to find their spot in the Grand Finals.

Atlanta FaZe 3-1 London Royal Ravens

With two of the top teams in the Call of Duty League going head to head, no one knew what to expect. However, Atlanta FaZe came out and dominated map one. Winning 250-177 with Arcitys and Simp putting up 1.65 and 1.58 K/D’s respectively. In map two, FaZe took a 5-1 lead on the map. Somehow, the Ravens completed the almost full sail, winning the map 6-5 with Afro finishing on a 7 spree.

This momentum gave London the upper hand heading into the Control and the rest of the series. While London had the momentum, Cellium dominated in map three. Putting up a 1.61 K/D and then bringing this into the Hardpoint, finishing with a 1.53. Cellium’s dominance was apparent throughout the whole series. As he racked up a 1.49 overall K/D and looking hot heading into the Grand Final.

OpTic Texas 5-2 Atlanta FaZe

OpTic Texas came out hot and impressed the home crowd with a dominant 250-130 Hardpoint win on Gavutu. It was the ex Dallas Empire duo of iLLeY and Shotzzy who took control of this map. With Shotzzy putting up 27 kills and a 1.69 K.D, with iLLeY just behind boasting 23 kills and a 1.63. Game two came down to a round 11, with aBeZy clutching up to tie the series.

Map three was one of the best Control’s of the year, with it heading to a round five. Here, OpTic found themselves with 5 lives to FaZe’s 13. However, they clutched up and worked together, not losing a single life and taking the round and therefore the map. That gave them a 2-1 series lead in the Grand Finals. Just minutes later, news came that the final round of the map would be replayed due to an issue with Arcity’s PC. However, OpTic prevailed in their replayed round, and kept their 2-1 lead.

iLLeY turned up in the map four Tuscan Hardpoint, taking over from Dashy’s previous dominance. OpTic’s 250-212 win on this map saw them rotate perfectly, and string together multiple hills to close out the map. FaZe brought themselves back into the series with a 6-3 SnD victory on Tuscan. Arcity’s dominated the early rounds, before aBeZy took it into his own hands to close out the map, seeing the series sit at 3-2.

Atlanta FaZe made a decision to stop pushing kills in the fourth round of Control in game 6, supposedly trying to get Defence on kills. However, their calculations were wrong, and OpTic took the defensive side by one kill. They held the line against numerous FaZe attacks to take a 4-2 series lead, and require just one more map for the Championship.

OpTic Texas secured their Major 1 win through a 6-4 Berlin SnD victory. This was the only Search and Destroy OpTic won in the Grand Final, and was the most important of them all.

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