CDL Major 1 – Day 3 Recap

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CDL Major 1 – Day 3 Recap

A look back at the action in our CDL day 3 recap.

Day three of CDL Major 1 was insane, with two reverse sweeps and underdog wins. Here’s everything that went down in our CDL Day three recap. 

Recap the previous day's action: Day one, two.

Boston Breach 3-1 Paris Legion

Paris Legion executed an incredible comeback in map one, bringing it back from a massive 80 point deficit on Bocage. While 80 points may not sound like much, 80 points on Bocage is an incredible comeback. That comeback saw Paris take a 1-0 series lead and inevitably take all the momentum. Boston responded with a great performance in the Search and Destroy, with Capsidal pulling off a ninja defuse to win one of the rounds. However, it was an all-around great performance from the Boston Breach that saw them tie the series 1-1. 

In the Control, Boston’s practice paid off as they performed a perfect B execute in the first round. Winning the round with a 9 kills advantage in less than a minute. Boston Breach took the Control 3-1 in dominant fashion. With Nero going 34/22 seeing his team take a 2-1 series lead. 

Boston carried their momentum into map four and Nero continued to dominate. An excellent performance from him yet again resulted in a 3-1 win for the Breach, and saw them advance in the Losers Bracket. 

London Royal Ravens 3-1 Toronto Ultra

A back and forth match on Gavutu Hardpoint saw the Ravens clutch up on the final hill. Winning the map 250-235 and taking a 1-0 series lead. No player went big in this map as it was an overall performance from the Ravens, with just four kills between their top and bottom fraggers.

After a lengthy delay, the Royal Ravens took a 5-3 lead in the Search and Destroy. However, an absolute breakdown saw Ultra clutch up, and take the map 6-5 to tie the series. London brought it in the respawns, however, clutching up for a 3-2 Control win. Before a great performance in Hardpoint, winning 250-213 and taking the series 3-1, advancing to Winners Finals.

OpTic Texas 3-2 Atlanta FaZe

Atlanta FaZe started this series on the front foot, with Cellium performing at his best once again. A dominant map one led into a dominant map two, but here it was Simp who performed. Going 14/3 and completely destroying OpTic Texas. However, OpTic didn't lose faith, as they took map three with Dashy putting up 34 kills with a 2.00 K/D.

993 days after they last met on LAN, this OpTic vs FaZe match did not disappoint as the King Scump dropped 33 kills and finished the map with a monstrous 2.39 K/D to force a game five. A 6-0 game five is something no one expected, but with Dashy going 8/2, and Shotzzy 9/2, it was inevitable. OpTic advance to Championship Sunday and face a hot Royal Ravens.

Toronto Ultra 3-2 Boston Breach

Boston Breach started this match in a heavy deficit on Gavutu Hardpoint. However, the whole roster and especially Methodz stepped up and brought it back and more, winning the map 250-204. Methodz finished the map with a 1.83 K/D, well and truly beginning the revenge tour against his old team. Boston had a great chance to take a 2-0 series lead, however, Toronto Ultra clutched up in round 11, tying the match.

Boston’s dreadful Control record continued with Toronto taking the map 3-1, and a 2-1 series lead. However, Methodz refused to go down without a fight as he dominated in the Hardpoint once again. His 33 kills and 1.57 K/D saw Breach force a game five, however it wasn't enough as Ultra clutched up once again, securing the Series win and advancing to Losers Semis.

Atlanta FaZe 3-2 LA Thieves

Atlanta FaZe were reverse swept earlier in the night by OpTic Texas, but they executed one of their own to finish the second day of matches. FaZe was not dominated, but the SMGs of Simp and aBeZy struggled in their first two maps. However, they woke up in the third, with Simp dropping a 1.42 K/D. Cellium’s 2.92 K/D in map four could've seen him win the map by himself, while the Tiny Terrors finished the match with 11 and 10 kills each.

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