Carleton University Starts Ontario-Based Esports League, Will Begin In Fall

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Carleton University Starts Ontario-Based Esports League, Will Begin In Fall

Carleton is leading the way for college esports in Ontario.

Carleton University has announced the start of the Ontario Post-Secondary Esports (OPSE) league today. This league will give colleges and universities across the province access to a competitive esports scene that was sorely lacking before. As of right now, the OPSE will begin in the fall, even as traditional sports leagues are canceled.

The Carleton Ravens are the first founding team of the league. They will compete in all four esports titles offered. These are League of Legends, Rocket League, Overwatch and Hearthstone. Said titles have huge followings around the world and are mostly all staples in university esports programs.

The inaugural season will start with a preseason at the start of the semester, then transition into the regular season in October. Teams will fight for a good record and hope to proceed to the league playoffs, which start in March. After that, the championship takes place near the end of the month. Whoever wins that will be awarded a trophy and money, though the amount of winnings hasn't been specified yet.

Currently, the next step for them is to confirm other schools that will participate in the program. Hopefully, the league gains traction, as university-based esports programs are important to students all across North America. They foster a sense of community and give a competitive outlet for many students that might not normally have one.

Those interested will be able to watch the league's games four nights a week when they begin. With so many nights of matches, every school will have a chance to watch their team in action.

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