Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Gets Two New Maps and Hardpoint Mode

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Gets Two New Maps and Hardpoint Mode

Headline: Shoot House, Krovbik Farmland, and the popular Hardpoint game mode make their way to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Infinity Ward and Activision announced today that two new multiplayer maps are coming to Modern Warfare tomorrow, Nov. 8th. Along with the maps, the fan-favorite game mode Hardpoint will be available as well. These additions will be free to all players.

The new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare released less than two weeks ago but Infinity Ward and Activision are already pumping out new content. This announcement seems to reaffirm the data-mine a few days ago that revealed a total of 38 additional maps set to release over the lifespan of the game.

This news comes as a major relief to players and fans. As has been with most Call of Duty releases in recent years, this one did not come without controversy. Many players have felt let down by the current roster of multiplayer maps. A plethora of windows and corners, poorly planned spawn points and too many long lines of sight all work to encourage a generally unfun and “campy” playstyle.

In the video below, Twitch streamer DrDisRespect exemplifies how the majority of the player base has been feeling:

Even NFL star Leveon Bell had something to say about his disappointment in the current maps:

Players and fans hope that the addition of these two new maps will help alleviate some of these feelings. The map for standard playlists will be called Shoot House. Krovbik Farmland will be a Ground War exclusive. Not much is known about these two maps. The announcement picture features a small image of each map but no further information has been released.

We will find out tomorrow if the two new maps bring with them a breath of fresh air or if they are just more of the same.

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