Blight: Survival Secures Funding by Epic Games

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Blight: Survival Secures Funding by Epic Games

Upcoming medieval survival game Blight: Survival just received a huge boost to their funding. Learn more below.

Blight: Survival was revealed quite a while back to the world and info has been sparse about it ever since. But there is news! Swedish studio Haenir Studio has just received one of Epic Games converted MegaGrants, their program to offer additional funding to up-and-coming projects and developers.

This might come as a surprise to some after the Fortnite Publisher announced just a few years ago that it would lay off 16% of its workforce and sell off parts of their business.

The Epic MegaGrant has been offered to over 1800 projects so far, ranging from small personal game projects to movies and even educational tools.

About Blight: Survival

The up-and-coming extraction-lite game asks the question what if DayZ and Escape from Tarkov were set in 14th-century Europe? A mysterious plague holds the region hostage while the remnants of two warring factions fight for survival.

Players will need to hone their survival skills, swordsmanship, and wit to survive the monsters and fellow human beings. Compared to other titles of its type, Blight seems to employ elements of roguelikes to put a unique spin on the extraction game formula.

Just like in an RPG your character will level up and learn new abilities with up to 4 players. If you die, you'll lose all your loot but your next of kin will retain some of the abilities you've learned. The game wants you to constantly consider if you should try and push further into the blighted lands or retreat, regroup, and rethink your approach.

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A release date isn't set yet but the game is expected to be released on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC as a full title with no early access period. You can check out their homepage here and wishlist the title on Steam.

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About the Epic Games MegaGrant

The MegaGrant is a project from Epic with the explicit goal of empowering smaller creators within the Epic ecosystem. Anyone working with Unreal Engine, be it games, movies, education, development, Fortnite and even non-Unreal Engine projects can participate.

Anyone receiving the grant will receive support from Epic with up to $250,000 USD in funding, hardware, and technical support as well as the opportunity to showcase the project at their events. So far, over 1800 projects have been funded by Epic Games some of which you can find here.

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Epic's perspective is very simple, if smaller projects succeed within their ecosystem, they succeed. The grant has committed over $100,000,000 USD in funding to the project as an incentive to create anything within the realms of Unreal Engine and its asset library. It is however commendable that Epic does not expect any ownership over projects funded in return.

It's part of the ongoing trend in the industry to support smaller creators and independent voices, now that mega-games are released every other week and it is harder than ever to stick out.

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For more on Fortnite publisher Epic as well as upcoming info on Blight: Survival stick with us here on ESTNN.

Blight: Survival Secures Funding by Epic Games
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