BlazBlue Entropy Effect Tips

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BlazBlue Entropy Effect Tips

BlazBlue Entropy Effect has nothing to do with the other games in the saga, as it is a roguelike. This means, therefore, that you will have the opportunity to acquire new skills as you progress through the game. For this reason, we have decided to give you some BlazBlue Entropy Effect tips so that you can have all the information you need to advance in the game. As a prerogative of roguelike games, you will have to go through several runs to be able to face many bosses and different areas, so it will be useful to have some advice.

BlazBlue Entropy Effect Tips You Should Follow

There are several things you need to take into consideration when you start playing BlazBlue Entropy Effect, especially if you are not an expert in the genre. Let's see together what the best things to do are to make your adventure as simple as possible.

Dashing is Always Helpful

No matter who you pick to play, dashing is really helpful. It lets you move around and avoid getting hurt. Just remember not to dash too much, or you will get hit because there's a short pause between each dash. And dashing can help you pass by certain enemies completely. You can dash on the ground or in the air, which makes it easy to hit one enemy and then quickly move on to another. It's also useful for staying safe if there's a trap up ahead. Some traps let out fire or poison on the ground, but you can jump over them, attack, and then dash to stay in the air longer.

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Use Air Attacks

Even though you can't chain them together, air attacks pack a punch in your arsenal. Plus, with the right upgrade, they can help you swiftly descend to the ground, making them handy in various situations. Since air attacks are brief, it's smart to dodge after using them to avoid counterattacks. Learn how characters perform in the air, as it greatly impacts their effectiveness. They're great for quick jabs since they're safe and don't leave you vulnerable for long. However, keep in mind that air attacks generally don't deal as much damage as ground-based ones, especially if you're short on time.

blazblue entropy effect tips

Upgrade AoE Attacks

Choosing AoE upgrades is your best bet. While increasing your damage and applying status effects might seem tempting, you can only hit a limited number of enemies at once. To really boost your damage, aim to hit as many enemies as possible with your special moves. Certain abilities, like shooting fire from where you use your skill, can help maximize damage by hitting multiple nearby enemies. This comes in handy when facing waves of enemies, making those segments more manageable.

Even though AoE attacks might not seem effective against bosses in BlazBlue Entropy Effect, they make landing hits easier. Since you don't need to aim precisely and just need to be close to the boss to deal damage, you can focus on dodging and positioning while maintaining a steady damage output to win the battle.

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Mind Upgrades

By investing in Mind upgrades, you can enhance your character's abilities and gain bonus HP in BlazBlue Entropy Effect. Every five levels of Mind upgrades, you unlock a new slot for Mind Crystals, up to a maximum of 6 slots. Once a slot is unlocked, you can obtain Mind Crystals using Shards. It costs 5 Shards to unlock a Crystal, and further enhancing it through Ascending or upgrading boosts its effectiveness. Remember, you can only equip a maximum of 6 Mind Crystals at once, so choose wisely which ones to use.

BlazBlue Entropy Effect Tips
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