5 Best Indie Roguelike or Roguelites You Should Play

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5 Best Indie Roguelike or Roguelites You Should Play

We continue this column in which we talk about the best games in a certain genre. In this article, we have decided to show you the 5 best roguelikes or roguelites that any gamer, passionate or not, should play. We decided to combine roguelike and roguelite games into one list since the differences between these two genres are not as pronounced as those of others. In summary, it is enough to know that roguelikes are games in which, once you die and therefore fail, you have to start over from the beginning; roguelite games, on the other hand, allow players to keep boosts and shortcuts between games.

5. Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire is a game that blends deck-building mechanics with roguelike ones. The game offers the possibility of creating truly varied decks of cards, since more than 350 different cards are available, which will be used to defeat enemies and bosses that populate the game world. At each game over, everything will reset and we will have to start from the beginning. We can choose between different characters and paths, guaranteeing Slay the Spire a high replay value. Although it is not a pure roguelike, fans of the genre will surely find this mix with the deck-building genre very interesting.

slay the spire

4. Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the Lamb is a game that could be misleading for its cartoonish graphics, but behind it lies a gloomy and violent soul. Players take on the role of a possessed lamb who, rescued by a menacing man, has the task of creating a new cult to subject as many animals as possible to it. The game world is created randomly and will change every time. We can gather resources to build our structures, perform dark rites and defeat the other leaders of other sects to absorb their power and become stronger and stronger. It is a successful experiment that will be able to involve you and have fun.

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cult of the lamb

3. The Binding of Isaac

The Binding of Isaac can be considered a classic and a must for all lovers of the genre. The first version of the game released in 2011 was able to hit the critics positively, but the Rebirth version that was released later added some improvements that made the title a really good product. In The Binding of Isaac, we impersonate Isaac, who after hearing voices ordering him to sacrifice his mother, decides to take refuge in the basement. Unfortunately, monsters will follow him and he will be forced to fight them to survive. The game has strong roguelike components that will guarantee you many hours of gameplay and high replayability.

the binding of isaac

2. Dead Cells

Dead Cells is a game belonging to a sub-genre called roguevania, in which elements deriving from metroidvania and roguelite games are combined. In Dead Cells, we play the Prisoner who tries to escape from an unnamed island while making his way through multiple pitfalls. The game world is very large and explorable seasoned with a touch of adrenaline caused by permanent death. The paths are always different and, once skills have been unlocked, they will remain in our possession even if we have to perish for one of the enemies or bosses that populate the game world. Dead Cells has turned out to be a more than successful experiment in mixing different genres and anyone with a good eye will surely find it interesting.

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dead cells

1. Hades

Hades is a game that mixes dungeon-crawler mechanics with those of roguelites. We impersonate the immortal king of the underworld who, with blows, will have to be able to escape from the clutches of the god of the dead. During our adventure, we will meet monsters, demons, ghosts, and even gods such as Zeus, Athena, and Poseidon. The roguelite mechanics guarantee the title great replayability, with permanent upgrades that will be able to give you a little help in the infernal labyrinths that you will have to explore. Hades is certainly a noteworthy title and one that has been received exceptionally by critics. All lovers of this genre certainly can not miss it.





5 Best Indie Roguelike or Roguelites You Should Play
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