Bethesda Giving Free Week of Fallout 1st to Fallout 76 Players

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Bethesda Giving Free Week of Fallout 1st to Fallout 76 Players

Bethesda is making Fallout 1st free for one week starting today.

Did you enjoy your free week of Fallout 76 last week? Did you want to continue your foray into Appalachia? Well, this week is the best time to do it. Plenty of digital platforms are still running Fallout Day sales, and you can pick up Fallout 76 for cheap right now, but that's not all. 

As a Halloween treat, starting today, Bethesda is running a 1-week free trial of Fallout 1st. 

What is Fallout 1st?

Fallout 1st provides a wide variety of benefits to Fallout 76 players.
Image Source: Bethesda Games Studios

Fallout 1st is an exclusive membership subscription service for Fallout 76. You can sign up for either 1-month or 12-month memberships. Fallout 76 offers a variety of benefits to Fallout 76 players. 

What are the Benefits of Fallout 1st?

A Fallout 1st subscription gives you:

Private Adventures: Allows you and up to seven friends to go on exclusive adventures by yourselves. 

Custom Worlds: Design your own Appalachia server for you and your friends to explore with the Fallout World. 

Scrapbox: Provides the player with a container that can hold unlimited supplies of crafting components. 

Ammo Storage Box: Provides the player with a container that can hold unlimited ammo of most ammo types (Except things like fusion cores, plasma cores, and grenades).

Survival Tent: Deployable fast travel point that contains a stash, sleeping bag, cooking station, and banjo. 

Ranger Armor Outfit: Exclusive Fallout 1st outfit.

Exclusive Icons & Emotes: Fallout 1st members get access to exclusive icons and emotes like the Funky Mothman and Protectron Shuffle.

Exclusive Monthly Rewards: Every month, Fallout 1st members can claim exclusive rewards from the Atomic Shop. 

Monthly Atoms: Every month, Fallout 1st members get 1,650 Atoms to spend however they wish.

Additional Scoreboard Rewards & Daily Challenge: Fallout 1st members get extra scoreboard rewards plus an extra daily challenge, which lets them get those scoreboard rewards faster.

Is Fallout 1st Worth It?

The hardest selling point of Fallout 1st is the price. For one month, it's $12.99, and for a year, it's $99.99. Those are the same prices you'd pay in subscription fees for access to an entire MMO

If you are a diehard Fallout 76 player, then yes, an annual subscription to Fallout 1st is worth it (Especially if you purchase Atoms). 

If not, the consensus is to take advantage of Fallout 1st's benefits and subscribe for a month here or there. Your scrapbox and ammo storage boxes stick around, even if you're no longer a Fallout 1st member (You just can't put more items into them), so clear up some time on your calendar and do some spring cleaning in Fallout 76 once in a while. 

Just remember to claim all your exclusive Atomic Shop items while Fallout 1st is active. You keep all rewards even if you no longer have Fallout 1st, but you can only claim them with an active subscription. 

One last tip: If subscribing via the monthly service, try to use Fallout 1st toward the end of a month before scoreboards refresh. Doing this, you'll be able to claim all the additional scoreboard rewards for two months instead of one. 

Don't forget. You have until November 7 to experience Fallout 1st for free.

Bethesda Giving Free Week of Fallout 1st to Fallout 76 Players
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