Best Tripp Build Gigantic: Rampage Edition

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Best Tripp Build Gigantic: Rampage Edition

Here’s the best Tripp build for you to try out in Gigantic: Rampage Edition.

Get ready for battle as the 5v5 MOBA/Hero Shooter Gigantic returns once more. This time, plenty of new mechanics and heroes have been added to give the OG players a fresh new experience. But don’t worry; the original cast of heroes is still available if you want to try them out!

Now, Tripp isn’t a new hero in the world of Gigantic: Rampage Edition, but he did get plenty of changes. Thankfully, his toolkits are still the same, and like before, he is still an absolute monster when it comes to dishing out damage.

However, if you’re new to the game, it’s natural to struggle a bit with the hero since he isn’t the easiest one to master. But don’t worry; we’ve got your back!

In this guide, we’ll run you through the best Tripp build in Gigantic: Rampage Edition to help you unlock the full potential of this deadly assassin. 

Tripp Hero Overview

Best Tripp Build Gigantic Rampage Edition

Tripp is a melee Assassin class hero who can dish out massive bursts of damage quickly. Her high move speed combined with lightning-fast attack speed lets you sweep in and out of fights.

With a master Tripp on your side, you’ll find your games becoming much easier regardless of the role you’re playing. But that doesn’t mean Tripp is an easy hero to learn. In fact, among the 20 heroes available right now in Gigantic: Rampage Edition, Tripp is relatively hard to master.

Then again, that shouldn’t stop you from trying the hero out. With an excellent arsenal of escape and damage abilities, Support heroes like Aisling or Damage Dealers like Beckett will have a hard time running away from you once you know what you’re doing with Tripp. 

Tripp Hero Build Guide

When it comes to build, Tripp is pretty straightforward. The most effective way to play the hero is to focus on her mobility and attack speed. Your focus should be to max out your LMB and RMB hits as early as possible (LVL 1-4). This is how your level progression for this build should look like:

  • Level 1: Lightning Strike (Power Surge) 
  • Level 2: Plasma Blades (Marked for Death)
  • Level 3: Plasma Blades (Shattering Blades)
  • Level 4: Lightning Strikes (Overload)
  • Level 5: Electric Slide (Heel Blade)
  • Level 6: Electric Slide (Kicking Into Gear)
  • Level 7: Flashdance (Storm Surge) 
  • Level 8: Flashdance (In a Flash)
  • Level 9: Bladestorm (Killer Instinct)
  • Level 10: Bladestorm (Will to Power)
  • Clash Talent: Cutting Edge
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Here’s a complete rundown of how we like to build Tripp to dish out the most damage quickly:

1. Lightning Strike (LMB)

Best Tripp Build Gigantic: Rampage Edition

Tripp’s insane 7-hit Lightning Strike basic ability is already pretty OP. But when you pair it up with the Power Surge upgrade, its damage potential becomes truly out-of-this-world! It significantly buffs up your attack speed with each successive hit.

But that’s not all. With the Overload upgrade later on, you’ll also get a boosted move speed every time your hit lands. This improves your chase potential, allowing you to hunt down enemies when they try to run.

2. Plasma Blades (RMB)

Best Tripp Build Gigantic: Rampage Edition

Plasma Blades is Tripp’s ranged ability that’s great for applying the Bleed status effect. The Marked for Death upgrade increases your damage output significantly, as your basic attacks deal bonus damage.

Combine that with the Shattering Blades upgrade and you’ll also decrease the enemy’s armor, making them more vulnerable to your hits. So basically, you hit enemies with Plasma Blades and then dash in for the kill, dealing insane damage because of the debuffs.

3. Electric Slide (Q)

Best Tripp Build Gigantic: Rampage Edition

If you’ve played against a good Tripp, you already know how slippery this hero is. And a big reason behind this is her Electric Slide ability. We recommend going with the Heel Blade upgrade as it lets you add a bonus uppercut type hit that Crits when you press it again within 1 second.

Kicking into Gear upgrade adds an additional hit when you press it twice, which further increases your crit chance both from this ability and Lightning Strike. 

4. Flashdance (E)

Best Tripp Build Gigantic: Rampage Edition

Another ability that improves Tripp’s mobility is Flashdance. Simply put, this ability lets you go invisible for a short duration. Going with the Storm Surge upgrade, you’ll also gain bonus move speed when you go invisible, allowing you to position yourself behind enemies or escape quickly when needed.

As for the second upgrade, we recommend going with In a Flash as a defensive tool. With this upgrade, Tripp will also break out of crowd control effects whenever you cast Flashdance. The invisibility delay also gets removed because In a Flash.

5. Bladestorm (F)

Best Tripp Build Gigantic: Rampage Edition

Bladestorm is Tripp’s Focus Ability that turns her into a mean, little-damage machine. It makes her completely immune to damage and CC effects while casting, after which she wails into a single enemy with seven attacks. The enemy is also stunned for the duration.

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For its upgrade, we recommend going with Killer Instinct, which boosts the damage of each attack instance by a flat amount. The Will to Power upgrade further enhances the damage by 10% if the enemy’s health is low enough. It also decreases the damage you take when you’re striking the enemy.

6. Clash Talent

Best Tripp Build Gigantic: Rampage Edition

For the Clash Talent, Cutting Edge is the best option for this build. It doubles the Bleed damage from your Plasma Blades and also lets you ignore enemy armor with basic attacks if Plasma Blades hit.

Storm Rider is also a decent Clash Talent, but it’s only useful when you’re focusing on the Electric Slide ability.

Tripp Gameplay Tips

Now that you have a basic idea of the build, here are some quick gameplay tips when you decide to hop into a game as Tripp:

  • Tripp deals high damage, but is a glass-canon herself. Try to avoid fighting two enemies on your own.
  • Healers and Support heroes on the backline are your primary target. Try to stay on top of them as much as possible.
  • With her high mobility, Tripp is great at chasing down low-hp heroes as they are running away.
  • Use your Flashdance to disappear and escape a fight if things turn south quickly. 
  • Electric Slide is an excellent ability to close distance with the enemy, even when it doesn’t connect.
  • Bladestorm has a small cast animation. Make sure you understand the animation time when you’re targeting an enemy.
  • Even if you don’t manage to kill the enemy, damaging a key hero is often enough to turn the tides in your favor.
  • Remember to fall back and heal whenever your health drops too low. Since Tripp is a fast hero, it’s easy for you to run back to your tower and heal up.

Mastering the Blue Bolt

Despite the initial hurdle, Tripp is extremely fun to play once you finally learn the hero. The sheer damage output potential of this hero makes him a true menace for the Supports and the Damages.

Hopefully, our hero guide for Tripp will make it easier for you to master The Blue Bolt in no time. 

For more tips and guides on Gigantic, keep your eyes peeled on ESTNN! Good luck!

Best Tripp Build Gigantic: Rampage Edition
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