Best Aisling Build Gigantic Rampage Edition

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Best Aisling Build Gigantic Rampage Edition

Here’s a complete guide on the Best Aisling Build in Gigantic Rampage Edition.

The return of the beloved MOBA/Hero Shooter Gigantic is a cause of celebration for many of the OG fans. Its tragic end back in 2018 was a disappointment for many who wanted to try out the game. Well, with the release of Gigantic: Rampage Edition, you can hop in on the action right now!

Make no mistake, this is a tough game to get into. It has a steep learning curve with deep mechanics and 20 completely unique heroes that you need to learn and master. Naturally, you’ll lose plenty of games and there will be times when you would want to give up, but if you give yourself the time to learn, you’ll eventually get it.

Aisling is one of the more beginner-friendly heroes that’s available in the game. But if you want to get the most out of the character, then you need to learn how to build her properly. And that’s where we come in!

In this article, we’ll give you a complete guide on the Best Aisling Build in Gigantic Rampage Edition to dish out loads of damage while doing your job as a utility support. Let’s get started!

Aisling Hero Overview

Best Aisling Build Gigantic Rampage Edition

Aisling is a Summoner/Utility hero in Gigantic Rampage Edition. Her primary role is Support because of her excellent Crowd Control abilities, but when push comes to shove, she can also dish out a decent chunk of damage.

Her toolkit also includes some healing but it’s not that great. She carries a ghostly sword into the battle that lets her summon the ghost of her father, Sir Cador to aid her in combat.

There are multiple ways to build this hero, but in our experience, using her as a ranged support tends to work out best. That way, you can stay away from the fight and use your abilities to deal damage while keeping your allies buffed up to win the encounters.

Aisling Hero Build Guide

Best Aisling Build Gigantic Rampage Edition

Aisling, when built right, can be a super Imba support. Her toolkit lets you turn her into a ranged heal/buff champion with plenty of crowd control.

Here’s a complete rundown of her best skill build.

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1. Slash (LMB)

Best Aisling Build Gigantic Rampage Edition

For her basic ability, Slash, we recommend going with Spectral Wave. This ability turns her basic melee attack into a ranged piercing projectile. The range is decent, which means you won’t have to charge into the middle of the fight to get damage.

Your primary role here is to beef up your allies and going with the Spectral Defense upgrade for this skill is a great idea. With Spectral Defense, your allies get bonus armor if you hit them. That means, you don’t need to always be chasing enemies to be effective in battles.

2. Cador’s Command (RMB)

Best Aisling Build Gigantic Rampage Edition

Cador’s Command is Aisling’s bread and butter, allowing her to summon her father’s specter to aid her in combat. For this ability, we suggest going with Cador’s Defenses. Whenever you cast this ability, Sir Cador will buff the armor of nearby allies. Combined with the Spectral Defense from your Slash ability, this makes your allies super tanky!

Aisling becomes even stronger when you throw the Cador’s Restoration upgrade into the mix. Now, in addition to buffing up the armor, Sir Cador will also provide healing to nearby allies.

3. Cador’s War Cry (Q)

Best Aisling Build Gigantic Rampage Edition

For Cador’s Warcry, we went with the Spectral Barrier, doubling down on the defensive capabilities of Aisling. With this talent, Sir Cador will now block nearby enemy projectiles making ranged damage dealers like Beckett pretty much useless.

The Spectral Lens upgrade later on will allow you to buff up the crit chance of nearby allies, giving you some offensive utilities as well.

But then again, your choice for this ability is dependent on the matchup. If the enemy team has a melee-heavy lineup, going with Chastise is also a viable option. In that case, you want to go with Intimidation for the upgrade.

4. Into The Blade (E)

Best Aisling Build Gigantic Rampage Edition

With Into The Blade, you can add more healing to Aisling’s toolkit. You want to go with Shielded Presence to restore some of your shields. This is extremely useful when you’re getting pressured by an enemy assassin and want some extra bit of health to survive.

Going with the Aura of Healing upgrade lets you buff up the healing to yourself and your nearby allies. By this point, your opponent will have a pretty hard time taking down you or your allies because of the absurd amount of healing you’re putting out.

5. Terrify (F)

Best Aisling Build Gigantic Rampage Edition

Asiling’s Focus Ability, Terrify, can either be a saving spell or a damage spell. Since you already have plenty of utility, we recommend going with Ghostly Might for this ability. This will add a bit of extra damage to Sir Cador which will make your build a bit more rounded up.

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As for the upgrade, Will to Power lets you buff both your allies’ damage and the amount of damage they receive, making it a complete no-brainer. It’s the best talent in the whole tree, so make sure you pick it up when you get the chance.

6. Clash Talent

Best Aisling Build Gigantic Rampage Edition

Finally, for the Clash Talent, we recommend going with Echoes from Beyond. It’s one of the best Clash Talents in the game, based on how effective it is. It buffs up the area size of your Slash ability and also lets you heal Sir Cador if you hit him – Super OP during the Clash!

Aisling Gameplay Tips

Before we take our leave, here are a couple of essential gameplay tips to improve your winrate with Aisling:

  • Don’t let Sir Cador die for no reason. He is your main source of damage and buff.
  • Sir Cador has a large hitbox. You can use him as a barrier in tricky situations.
  • You can move Sir Cador around the battlefield with your Cador’s Command ability. Use it to position him properly around your allies.
  • With this build, your main goal is to stay in the backlines and provide support. Don’t dive into battle without reason.
  • During Rampage, try to keep Sir Cador alive by spamming Slash from a distance.
  • Always check the minimap and watch out for enemies trying to flank you. You want to make sure Sir Cador is always protecting you.
  • If you stay alive, your team wins the battle. So prioritize positioning and using spells from a distance as Aisling with this build.

Do ya have a strategy!

Aisling is one of the old heroes that made a return in Gigantic: Rampage Edition. And though much of her toolkit remained the same, the way you play the hero has changed significantly. She used to be a melee DPS/support hero back in the OG Gigantic, but this time around, her Ranged Support build is much stronger.

With this build guide, you should have no issues dominating the battlefield with this amazing support hero. Just make sure you don’t die in the hands of an enemy assassin, and you’ll see your win rate skyrocket in no time. Good luck!

Best Aisling Build Gigantic Rampage Edition
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