Best TFT Team Comps for Set 9 Patch 13.12

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Best TFT Team Comps for Set 9 Patch 13.12

Help yourself climb the ranks with these meta team comps performing the best on TFT patch 13.12.

TFT Set 9: Runeterra Reforged launched with a very exciting set of three and four cost carries. A couple of these champions like Aphelios and Zeri have been dominating lobbies since PBE, and they are still top tier despite getting some nerfs on the first live patch.

If you are looking to get ahead of your opponents during the first weeks of the ranked season, here are some of the best TFT team comps currently in the meta.

Aphelios Freljord

aphelios freljord
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Best Legend and Augments: Twisted Fate is currently the best Legend you can pick since best-in-slot items give a lot of power. Other than that you can go with Poro if you want to stay flexible.

  • 2-1: Gifts from the Fallen/Social Distancing
  • 3-2: Combat Caster/Glacial Breeze/Tons of Stats!
  • 4-2: Gifts from the Fallen/Martyr/Tons of Stats!

Item priority: For Aphelios go for Guinsoo’s Rageblade + Deathblade >> Infinity Edge >> Giantslayer, Runaan’s. Tank items are on Sejuani.

Early game: Jhin is the best item holder in the game and the transition is easier since he is a Deadeye. But you can also put items on Tristana or even an early Kalista. Play a decent backline and a frontline while building up your econ and preserving HP.

Mid to late game: Make sure you are stable during Stage 3 with a two-star carry and tank. Go level seven at 4-1, and roll for your four stars.

Multicaster Strategists

multicaster strategist
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Best Legend and Augments: Twisted Fate or Poro.

  • 2-1: Sorcerer Crest/Tactical Superiority
  • 3-2: Tactical Superiority/Sorcerer Crown
  • 4-2: Overcharged Manafont/Know Your Enemy

Item priority: AP items to Vel’Koz, Archangel’s + Jeweled Gauntlet >> Gunblade >> Shojin, Statikk. Tank items are for Jarvan, his BiS is Warmog’s + Protector's Vow, but make sure to leave one slot for the Prismatic item from Demacia.

Early game: You can play Void or Sorcerers in the early game, using Malzahar as an item holder. Roll at level six on Stage 3 to stabilize your board.

Mid to late game: On 4-1 you should level to seven and roll for a Vel’Koz two-star if you don’t have it yet. After that, if your frontline is upgraded you should be strong enough to econ back up and push levels. Or, you can stay level seven and roll for a three-star Vel’Koz.

Vertical Sorcerers

six sorcerer lux
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Best Legend and Augments: Twisted Fate or Poro.

  • 2-1: Overcharged Manafont/Healing Orbs/Jeweled Gauntlet
  • 3-2: Overcharged Manafont/Jeweled Gauntlet/Sorcerer Heart
  • 4-2: Overcharged Manafont/Know Your Enemy

Item priority: Blue Buff + Gunblade >> Giantslayer >> other AP items for Lux. Tank items either on Swain, if you can three-star him, or Shen.

Early game: Good AP item holders are Malzahar, Taliyah and Teemo. Once again try to combine them with a good frontline and build up your econ.

Mid to late game: Go level seven on 4-1 and roll for Lux and Shen. If the rest of your team is upgraded and you have six sorcs, try to go for level six to find Ahri as your secondary carry.

Vertical Ionia

vertical ionia
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Best Legend and Augments: Twisted Fate or Poro.

  • 2-1: Sentinel's Spirit/Gifts from the Fallen
  • 3-2: Combat Caster/Sentinel's Spirit/Gifts from the Fallen
  • 4-2: Cybernetic Leech/Unified Resistance

Item priority: Titan’s Resolve + Infinity Edge >> QSS, Hand of Justice >> GA, BT, DB for Yasuo. Tank items are on Shen. Kai’sa is only the secondary carry so prioritize Morellonomicon.

Early game: Since there are a lot of low tier champions in the tree, you can play Ionia from the start. Warwick is a decent item holder for Yasuo and Sett can hold tank items.

Mid to late game: Go level seven on 4-1 and roll for Yasuo and Shen. If you don’t find Kai’Sa or have leftover AD items, you can also use Aphelios as your secondary carry. In that case, switch out Warwick for Taric for Targon and Bastion.

Vertical Shurima

vertical shurima
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Best Legend and Augments: Twisted Fate or Poro.

  • 2-1: Tons of Stats!/Tactical Superiority/Gifts from the Fallen
  • 3-2: Strategist Heart/Battle Ready/Tactical Superiority
  • 4-2: Ascension/Unified Resistance

Item priority: Best item for Azir is definitely Guinsoo’s Rageblade >> Giantslayer >> AP items. Tank items on the first two-starred between Nasus and Jarvan, prio the latter if he has Shurima emblem.

Early game: Play a Shurima/Bruiser board in the early game. Two-star Cassiopeia with a Rageblade and an upgraded frontline is strong enough to winstreak. Another good item holder is Kalista and you can play a Challengers board.

Mid to late game: 4-1 level seven for your first rolldown. But try not to over roll since you probably will need to go level eight to fight K’Sante and put in seven Shurima.

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