Best Skill Combos for WoW Plunderstorm

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Best Skill Combos for WoW Plunderstorm

Here are all the best skill combos for both offense and defense in WoW Plunderstorm

World of Warcraft has recently released a new battle royale game mode for their players. The WoW community has received the new mode, Plunderstorm, with open arms. The long-running MMO has seen a major resurgence after the addition of this mode. It has unique features and skills that resonate well with the players. Plunderstorm allows players to be creative and customize their playstyles however they want. The ability to find and create their own builds is something that is always appreciated in a game like World of Warcraft.

So let’s take a look at all the best skill combos for the Plunderstorm game mode in World of Warcraft.

Best Skill Combos for WoW Plunderstorm

Plunderstorm allows players to customize their arsenal with unique spells. These spells consist of 10 offensive and 10 utility spells, each with four upgrade ranks. We have talked about all the spells more in-depth in our WoW Plunderstorm Abilities Guide.

Best Skill Combos for WoW Plunderstorm
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

You can equip two of each type and build your own playstyle. This allows players to be very creative with their gameplay. The massive arsenal of spells gives players the chance to showcase their unique ways and styles of play. You can divide the combos into two sections, offensive and defensive. Let’s take a look at both of them below.

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Best Offensive Skill Combos

Offensive combos work on dealing massive amounts of damage to your targets in quick succession. All of the combos mentioned below use the Fire Whirl spell. It has the highest damage stats and pairs really well with other offensive spells. The damage score done by Fire Whirl is the highest by a milestone. Here are all the offensive combos that you can try out in Plunderstorm:

  • Fire Whirl + Rime Arrow
  • Fire Whirl + Storm Archon
  • Fire Whirl + Holy Shield
Best Skill Combos for WoW Plunderstorm
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Best Defensive Skill Combos

The main objective for defensive combos is to mitigate and dodge any counter-damage done by your enemies. These focus on crowd control and movement, a few also work as shields that block attacks. The use of these combos usually depends on the style of play you personally prefer. The best way to figure out the combos best suited for you is to experiment yourself and pick the one that pairs well with your build. All the defensive combos that you can try in Plunderstorrm are given below:

  • Steel Traps + Fade to Shadow

  • Steel Traps + Quaking Leap
  • Steel Traps + Repel
  • Repel + Quaking Leap
  • Repel + Fade to Shadow
  • Fade to Shadow + Windstorm
  • Quaking Leap + Windstorm
  • Repel + Windstorm

Make sure you check out our other articles on Plunderstom to stay updated with the game mode and other articles on WoW to know about the condition of the game and all of its future updates.

Best Skill Combos for WoW Plunderstorm
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