Best Ship Module in Helldivers 2: Revealing Our Top Picks

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Best Ship Module in Helldivers 2: Revealing Our Top Picks

Looking for the best ship module in Helldivers 2? Here are the ones that impressed us the most

Sometimes, you must unleash hellfire from the skies to demolish the alien threat you face in Helldivers 2. This is where the indispensable Destroyer ship plays a crucial role, providing ground troops with a variety of weapons and utility items. Through Helldivers 2's Ship Modules, players can upgrade their stratagems, gaining advantages such as reduced cooldowns and reinforced sentries, which give them an extra edge in combat. What is the best ship module in Helldivers 2? After clocking in a significant amount of Helldivers 2 gameplay, we couldn’t narrow it down to one. We do have a list of the best candidates, though.

Best Ship Module in Helldivers 2: The Ones You Should Unlock ASAP

Each of the ship modules discussed below deserves a place in the conversation for the ‘best ship module in Helldivers 2'. So, make sure to unlock them as soon as you can.

Donation Access License

Best Ship Module in Helldivers 2: Revealing Our Top Picks

Credit: Arrowhead Game Studios

Struggling to keep your support weapons fed? For just 60 Samples, the Donation Access License supercharges your arsenal. This mode ensures the support weapons come with additional magazines upon deployment. This u[grade applies to a variety of lethal tools including the Laser Cannon, Grenade Launcher, Machine Gun, Railgun, Stalwart, Anti-Materiel Rifle, and Flamethrower. Donation Access License helps players survive alien assaults more efficiently without the need for immediate resupply stratagems.

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Dynamic Tracking

You can unlock Dynamic Tracking for 60 Samples and 20 Rare Samples. This is the best ship module in Helldivers 2 if you want immediate backup when facing a swarm of enemies. Dynamic Tracking expedites the deployment time of all Sentry Stratagems. That means sentries will jump into action right away with considerable firepower.

Targeting Software Upgrade

Strategic utilization of Orbital Stratagems empowers players to assert greater control over the battlefield. Targeting Software Upgrade will cost you 60 Samples for slashing the deployment time by a second. When synchronized with the Stratagems of teammates, this could be a pretty nifty trick to exploit.

Advanced Construction

Alien planets are no walk in the park – every corner teems with danger. That’s why you need to make your sentries more equipped to withstand the hostile conditions of an exterrestrial setting. Fortify your sentries with the Advanced Construction module, which will grant them a massive 50% health boost. These ironclad guardians can fend off the onslaught of Hulk Bruisers and Bile Titans, buying you precious time to regroup, flank, or escape. We were inclined to designate this as the best ship module in Helldivers 2, but the significant risk of friendly fire prevented us from doing so. Regardless, this is one of the best ship modules in Helldivers 2, if not the best.

Best Ship Module in Helldivers 2: Revealing Our Top Picks
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