Best Reroll Comps in TFT Set 9 Patch 13.12

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Best Reroll Comps in TFT Set 9 Patch 13.12

Top five reroll comps in the current TFT meta.

With the XP nerfs making it harder to reach level eight and nine, and how strong some of the lower tier champion in TFT Set 9, reroll comps are in a great place right now. So if you are a player who really likes to upgrade you carries and get that golden army, here are some of the best reroll comps you can play on patch 13.12.

Juggernaut Garen Reroll

garen reroll
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Best Legend and Augments: Twisted Fate is currently the best Legend you can pick since best-in-slot items give a lot of power. Other than that you can go with Poro if you want to stay flexible.

  • 2-1: March of Progress/You Have My Sword/Harmacist
  • 3-2: Jeweled Lotus/Transfusion/Petricite Shackles
  • 4-2: Ascension/Know Your Enemy

Item priority: Bloodthirster + Rageblade on Garen, leave one spot for Demacia. As many Zeke’s you can make on other units. If you have more than two, you can go for a Titan’s over Rageblade.

Early game: Viego and Zed are good item holders for Garen if you want to slam and go for a win streak, otherwise you can not make any items and go for a lose streak for econ. Level to six on 3-2, ideally to find four Juggernauts with Garen and two more Demacia.

Mid to late game: Level to seven while keeping your gold over 50 and slow roll. If you haven’t three starred your Garen by 5-1 roll down to 10-20 gold. You can try to get Darius three as well, but start leveling up for Aatrox and Nasus after Garen three. If you don’t want to play six Juggernaut, you can also play 5 Demacia for another Radiant item and added tankiness.

Six Invoker Karma Reroll

six invoker karma reroll
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Best Legend and Augments: Twisted Fate or Poro.

  • 2-1: Loving Invocation/March of Progress/Magic Wand
  • 3-2: Loving Invocation/Magic Wand
  • 4-2: Loving Invocation/Magic Wand

Item priority: BiS is pretty set for Karma, JG + Gunblade + Archangel’s >> Rabadon, GS. Warmog’s + Ionic >> Vow on Galio.

Early game: You can play an ealy game Shurima board with Cassio as you item holder, or you can go for a lose streak. Roll down for a Karma and couple of upgraded units at 3-1 and level six.

Mid to late game: Ideally you will roll at seven for Karma, but you can roll at six if you have a lot of Galios and enough econ. This comps can fall a bit in the late game, so you need to hit Karma three before stage 5 and go level eight for legendaries.

Slayer Zed Reroll

slayer zed kled reroll
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Best Legend and Augments: Twisted Fate or Poro.

  • 2-1: Slayer Crown/Tons of Stats!/Idealism
  • 3-2: Idealism/Martyr
  • 4-2: Cybernetic Leech/Martyr/Gifts from the Fallen

Item priority: Infinity Edge >> Titan’s + HoJ on Zed. Zeke’s or similar items on Kled. Extra tank items go on Sett.

Early game: Early game board is Maokai/Viego/Zed/Kled. Roll over 50 gold at level six for Zed, Kled and Sett three stars. You can roll at seven for Katarina three star as well if you have a Slayer emblem on her.

Mid to late game: Once you hit Zed and at least one more three star, start leveling and add more Slayers and Rogues.

Viego Reroll

viego reroll
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Best Legend and Augments: Twisted Fate or Poro.

  • 2-1: Morning Light/Combat Caster/
  • 3-2: Combat Caster/Tons of Stats!
  • 4-2: Ascension/Gifts from the Fallen

Item priority: Guinsoo’s, Titans, BT >> AP or other healing items on Viego. Zeke’s on other units.

Early game: Early game is straightforward with Viego and Maokai start. Don’t level on Stage 2 and econ for a quick 3-1 level four rolldown. If you can’t hit on 3-1, roll at level five for Viego Maokai three stars.

Mid to late game: After hitting your upgrades level for four Rogues and four Shadow Island.

Taliyah Reroll

taliyah reroll 1
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Best Legend and Augments: Twisted Fate or Poro.

  • 2-1: Unstable Yordle Delivery/Jeweled Lotus
  • 3-2: Jeweled Lotus/Tactical Superiority
  • 4-2: Tactical Superiority/Unified Resistance

Item priority: Rabadon + Gunblade >> Giantslayer >> other AP items for Taliyah. Two tank items + the Demacia Radiant for Poppy. Leftover items on your other three star.

Early game: No leveling on Stage 2 and a quick level four roll at 3-1. Need a lot of econ since the comp really needs a Poppy four star, which means at least three three star units.

Mid to late game: Once you hit Taliyah + Poppy four star, level for as many units with knockups as you can fit, Jarvan and Yasuo are the best.

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Best Reroll Comps in TFT Set 9 Patch 13.12
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