Best Overwatch 2 Settings You Should Be Using

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Best Overwatch 2 Settings You Should Be Using

If you want to play at your best, it can be important to know the Best Overwatch 2 settings to give you an advantage.

Contrary to what people expected, the new hero called Ramattra is not that strong, but other options, such as Doomfirst, stand out.

Regardless of the hero, you want to go for, one of the key things to keep in mind is that you need to have the proper Overwatch 2 settings to succeed. Some of you are probably using certain things, but there are a couple of options that not everyone is aware of. We believe that they will improve your gameplay a lot, so here is what you should be aware of.

Best Overwatch 2 Graphic Settings

When it comes down to your Graphic Settings in Overwatch 2, you can choose from a couple of options. The most important one is related to your display mode, which should be fullscreen. Some people prefer the windowed mode because it is easier to alt and tab, but it should be noted that this will affect your input lag. Following our tests, the Fullscreen option works best for Overwatch 2. 

After that, the next step is to check your Render Scale, which should be automatic. Even though it is perfectly fine to leave it as it is, some people like to play with it because it affects how they see enemies. In some cases, users will lower it to 80%.

While checking this setting, you should also “play” with the fps. Although many players like to leave this on automatic, it is better to set it to your monitor’s maximum refresh rate. Some people also give 10 extra, just in case.

Like other FPS games, it is better to turn Vsync off and reduce buffer and triple buffer. People who use specific video cards can play with their GPU settings to achieve the ultimate performance.

Best Overwatch 2 Gameplay settings

After adjusting your graphics, the next step is to check some of your gameplay options. One of them is the “Enable High Precision Mouse Input”, which is usually turned “off”. That said, you can turn it “on” and it will allow your mouse usage in Overwatch 2 to feel somewhat better. Since the game will update your mouse input more frequently, you can expect a smoother experience. 

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One of the very important options you should put to the test is related to the Waypoint Opacity and Respawn Icon opacity. By default, these options are set to 100%, but if you reduce them to 30% or even lower, the icons won’t block the view of your enemies while they are on the objective. This may not be a problem to some of you, but people often complain about this when playing.

Best Overwatch 2 Sound Settings

The fact that Overwatch 2 is not like a traditional shooter doesn’t mean that you don’t need sound. On the contrary, the sound is essential and can have a crucial role, especially if you’re playing against enemies who know what they’re doing.

The first thing you need to decide is whether you want any music volume. This is a personal preference, but most people turn it off. Most of the other options also depend on each player’s preference, but there are two important things that players should check.

“Play sound when enemy eliminated,” and the option below that gives you the option to do that when a teammate dies can make a massive difference for some players. Some Overwatch 2 fans prefer to have them “off”, but having them on will allow you to focus more on playing. Of course, you have to get used to the fact that you will hear sounds when an enemy or teammate dies.

Specific settings with certain heroes

Besides the general settings that will have an effect on your gameplay, you should keep in mind that there are specific hero options you should be aware of. We can’t include everything in this article, but there are a few things that are important, so let’s check them.


Since Rein is one of the unique tanks in the game, you can use a few specific settings about him. Starting with the crosshair, most people prefer to have a larger option because it seems easier to hit your targets.

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Besides the general option, this Overwatch 2 hero has his own unique tweaks. The first one is called “Toggle Barrier”, and it should be off. The second one is called “Movement relative to the camera during barrier-free look”, and it is “on”. This option will allow you to press your primary fire button while having your shield up and check everything around you.


Despite not being the hottest hero in the current meta, Ashe is definitely a popular Overwatch 2 pick.  She has several custom options, one of which is the Toggle Zoom. What’s interesting about it is that it should be off because you will have to press your key several times to zoom.

The second very important option is called Relative Aim Sensitivity While Zoomed, and people usually have it on 51.47%. The idea behind this percentage is that it should mimic the same sense that you have when you are not scoped. In other words, you shouldn’t notice any significant differences.

The third one is better to be off, but feel free to test it on.


The last Overwatch 2 DPS hero we’d like to talk about is Widowmaker. She is among the most interesting names because the game allows you to choose from many options. Besides things such as the Allied Health Bars, you should put “Toggle Zoom” to off. This will allow you to scope and unscope much faster.

The grappling hook sensitivity is one of the most important things you need to adjust while playing with Widowmaker. The idea here is that the lower it is, the better because it will let you land precise shots. 

Feel free to test all the other options before finding the ones that work best for you. Keep in mind that many other Overwatch 2 heroes have specific settings, so go through them before you start playing. 

Best Overwatch 2 Settings You Should Be Using
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