Best Overwatch 2 Characters for Beginners

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Best Overwatch 2 Characters for Beginners

The best characters to play if you're new to Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 is Blizzard’s newest game, and it has been around for almost 2 months now. Following the beta and the end of Season 1, many players had the chance to put everything new to the test.

Best Overwatch 2 Characters for Beginners

 Speaking of new things, there are four new Overwatch 2 heroes that players haven’t had the chance to play before. All of them are fun, but some are slightly more complex than others, meaning that they're not the best characters for beginners.

While we are on the topic of heroes in Overwatch 2 that are suitable for people with no previous experience, this article will go through a couple of options. Even though Blizzard might buff or nerf them in the future, we don’t expect any drastic changes in their abilities. Hence, these heroes are suitable for beginners because they will learn how to play.

Soldier: 76

People who are new to Overwatch 2 and decide to go through the game’s tutorial will have the chance to play with Solider: 76. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he is one of the best Overwatch 2 characters for beginners.

The thing that makes this hero suitable for new players is that his skills are not hard to use. Sure, he is among the few hitscan heroes (which means that aiming is not that easy), but he does not have any skillshots or other things you should be aware of. Solider is one of the few DPS in Overwatch 2 that can heal himself, he is fast and his ult allows him to 1v1 pretty much anyone.

Learning how to play with Solider: 76 will give you a good idea of what Overwatch 2 is about.  The hero is similar to Sojourn in many ways, but the latter is definitely more complex, meaning that most new OW 2 players don’t focus on her.

An important thing you will have to learn once you start playing with Solider is to deal with his recoil. Luckily, this won’t take long because you just need to hold your mouse down while shooting.

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It is important to know that Pharah is actually one of the Overwatch 2 heroes with the highest skill cap in the game. However, when it comes down to how easy it is to play, the hero is definitely one of the Overwatch 2 best characters for beginners. 

Once you start playing, you will see that Pharah can be rewarding because she deals insane amounts of damage. Assuming you will go up against enemies who don’t know how to deal with her, you can expect to secure tons of kills. That said, Pharah has a lot of counters, so you have to be really careful.

Besides your high base damage, you also have the ability to knock off people from the map or use this rocket to escape from tricky situations. As for Pharah’s ultimate, it is usually strong enough to wipe the entire team, but you will have to get used to using it.


The third Overwatch 2 DPS when it comes down to heroes who are good for beginners is Reaper. The latter is a hot pick on the game right now because he is among the few heroes that can deal with some of the best tanks.

Reaper is one of the best Overwatch 2 characters for beginners because of his insane damage at close distances. He is the strongest hero when it comes down to clashes and can punish any DPS or tank that is close to him. What’s more, Reaper can lifesteal, meaning that killing him is not as easy, especially since Cassidy no longer has his Flashbang.

Aside from his damage and lifesteal, Reaper can also teleport, he can use his Wraith Form to escape or chase, and he has an amazing ultimate. Deathblossom is devastating when used right, so expect to land nasty kills.

Keep in mind that some abilities, such as the Wraith Form will automatically reload your weapon. You can use it and cancel it right away, which will save you a few milliseconds when you are out of ammo. Although this may not seem that easy, you will learn how to do it once you practice enough.

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Despite not being the strongest Overwatch 2 hero in the game, Brigitte is definitely an option you should consider. If you are one of the people who does not want to play a DPS, Brigitte is a pretty good option regarding the best Overwatch 2 characters for beginners. She can deal a decent amount of damage, and she is the only support in the game that has a shield. 

Brigitte has the ability to bash enemies, deal damage, and heal all teammates around her. That said, unlike other supports, she has to stay close to her team to be effective. In other words, she can be an easy target for enemies who know how to deal with her.

The good thing about Brigitte is that she can shine in combos, such as when she has to play with aggressive tanks. Her ultimate give her and her team armor and movement speed and is easy to use. This is another reason why the hero is so good.


Even though most new Overwatch 2 players focus on DPS, some are also interested in tanks. The latter has become much stronger in Blizzard’s latest game, meaning that they are essential for their team.

Speaking of the best Overwatch 2 characters for beginners and tanks, we have to mention Winston. Despite the fact that he is hard to master and will require you to know what you’re doing, you can start playing with him right away.

Following the changes in Overwatch 2, he is among the few heroes in the game with a strong barrier. He also has the best mobility out of any Overwatch 2 tank, and his damage output at close range is pretty good. Furthermore, the hero finally received the option to do damage from a distance, which is another plus. Unsurprisingly, Winston’s ultimate is also pretty strong and allows even new players to do tons of damage.

Best Overwatch 2 Characters for Beginners
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