Best Materia in FF7 Rebirth

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Best Materia in FF7 Rebirth

Find out the best materia in FF7 Rebirth with this article

Materia makes the entire combat scene of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth very interesting! Since there are so many, it is easy to get confused and not know which ones to use. That’s why we are here! To guide you through some of the best materia in the game!

Best Materia in FF7 Rebirth

There are 5 distinct types of materia. We will delve into some of the best ones from each type!

Command Materia (Yellow) 

The yellow materia(s) can add new abilities to the Command Menu and can be very diverse, starting from healing your party to even taking skills from the enemy.

  • Assess Materia

The Assess Materia costs 500 gil and is essential for completing Chadley's Combat Simulator challenges. With this materia, you can pause time and assess your enemies, getting information on their stats, weaknesses, and resistances. This data is then logged in the Enemy Intel section of the Pause Menu for easy reference.

Level 2 of the materia will allow players to assess every enemy in a fight. When used with Enemy Skill Materia, this shall help you learn enemy skills by doing Biological Intel Challenges.

  • Enemy Skill Materia
    How many times have you wished that you could use a powerful move from a boss? With this materia, you can learn enemy skills and use them as abilities. All you need to do is assess and defeat the particular enemy and then complete the Biological Intel Challenges to unlock the skills.

    You can obtain this Materia by completing “Biological Intel: Know Thine Enemy” in Chadley’s Combat Simulator and initially, you will get the Sonic Boom Enemy Skill. As the Materia levels up, it provides stat boosts such as increased maximum HP, MP, Strength, and Magic.

Complete Materia (Purple)

The purple materia(s) will give you perks and bonuses in different stats, like HP, resistance or ATB gauge. 

  • First Strike Materia
    You need to complete “Grasslands Battle Intel: Horror on the Range” and “Grasslands Battle Intel: Flower of Destruction” (Chapter 10) in the Combat Simulator to obtain this Materia.

    First Strike increases the ATB gauge, allowing you to access your abilities faster. As it levels up, the increase in the ATB gauge becomes greater, providing you with a strategic advantage. This materia is a good one, especially for leveling up quickly.

  • HP Up Materia
    As evident in the name, this materia will increase the maximum HP and while that may sound simple, this will take you a long way and increase durability in battles, especially as a beginner.

    It is available to purchase from Vendors for 2000 gil. You can also find it in multiple places such as Mt. Nibel, Under Junon’s shore, etc. Yuffie also has the materia when she joins your party.

Magic Materia (Green)

The green materia(s) will allow you to cast spells that deal elemental damage or apply status effects on your foes.

  • Fortification Materia

This Materia boosts Physical and Magical Defense by allowing the wearer to cast the spell of Protect. In level 2, you can cast Shell which will nullify all Physical and Magical damage.

You can also gain resistance to any effect that may reduce Physical and Magic Defense when this is used with the Warding Materia. From Chapter 6, it is available to be purchased from Vendors for about 2,000 gil.

  • Fire and Ice Materia

With this Materia, you can select Fire or Ice spells from the Commands Menu. While you cannot use spells from both simultaneously, its special status effects make it one of the best options and you get to save a slot on your armor/weapon!

By level 3, you will be able to deal a humongous amount of Fire and Ice Damage. We highly recommend obtaining it from Chadley for 10 Grasslands Data Points. 

Summoning Materia (Red)

The red materia(s) will summon powerful entities to assist you in the battle.

  • Odin Materia

This materia summons our popular Norse character, Odin who will help you dominate the combat. Odin will deal a significant amount of non-elemental damage and his ult, Zanetsuken will also deal non-elemental in a humongous amount, while providing stat bonuses of +2 MP, +8 ATK and +4 Strength. 

After Chapter 11, you can obtain the materia by completing the “Summon Entity: Odin” challenge in the Combat Simulator. You should also analyze crystals in Odin Sanctuaries in the Nibel Region when you get a Purple Chocobo!

  • Phoenix Materia

With this materia, you can summon a Phoenix to deal a good amount of fire damage with its repeated attacks as well as ult: Rebirth Flame. The ult will also help heal the party. The stat bonuses are +2 MP, +8 Magic ATK and +4 Magic.

This can also be obtained from the Combat Simulator by completing “Summon Entity: Phoenix”, which is available in Chapter 4. Just like Odin, analyze Pheonix Sanctuaries in the Junon Region.

Support Materia (Blue)

The blue materia(s) have to be used with other materia(s) to enhance their abilities or effects.

  • Magnify Materia
    This materia does justice to the category it belongs to. Pair it up with any Magic Materia, and your spell will target multiple enemies in a fight. While it reduces your damage, leveling up makes this reduction much less.

    This materia is excellent for crowd control, especially when small enemies help/buff bigger bosses. Cait Sith will have it in his possession when he joins your party. Or you can get it from Mt. Nibel during Chapter 1.

  • Elemental Materia
    You have to use this materia with Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind, Fire and Ice, or Lightning and Wind Materia. Set it in your weapons, and your attacks will be infused with the particular element. If you set it in your armor, then you will gain resistance to that element, making this useful for both offense and defense!

    To obtain this materia, you must complete the “Junon Battle Intel: Conqueror of the Skies” in the Combat Simulator, in Chapter 4. 

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Best Materia in FF7 Rebirth
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