Best Lethal Company Mods to Spice Up Your Games

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Best Lethal Company Mods to Spice Up Your Games

Here are the best Lethal Company mods you and your friends can try out to make your sessions more exciting 

Lethal Company is one of the best indie releases of 2023. It’s a horrifying yet hilarious game where you and your friends embark on a journey to collect scraps from abandoned facilities of different moons. 

The game is fun as it is, but if you are looking to take your experience to the next level, it’s time to install some mods. There are already a lot of mods available for this popular co-op game, and we picked the best ones we have tried and liked so far. Here they are –

1. MoreCompany By notnotnotswipez

Best Lethal Company Mods to Spice Up Your Games

If you want to play Lethal Company with more than four people, the MoreCompany mod developed by user notnotnotswipez is a suitable choice. While BiggerLobby by bizzlemip used to be the most popular option for playing with more people, MoreCompany provides a more stable experience.

With MoreCompany, you can even have more than eight people in a lobby. However, it works best with eight or fewer. 

2. Skinwalkers By RugbugRedfern

Walking around in the facilities of Lethal Company, you hear one of your friends’ voice saying something. Thinking it’s safe, you approach the direction of the voice only to find that it is a creepy Bracken trying to lure you in. Truly terrifying, isn’t it?

The Skinwalkers mod developed by user RugbugRedfern allows monsters to mimic your friends' voices, making your trust issues even worse. There is no use of AI in the mod, as it only records the voices of the players in the lobby. You cannot use Skinwalkers while also having the Lethal Progression mod installed. 

3. More Suits By x753

Best Lethal Company Mods to Spice Up Your Games
Credit: Twinfinite via Zeekerss

One of the minor issues we have found with Lethal Company is trying to differentiate the players just by looking at them. Player tags only appear when you are very close, and everyone is wearing the same outfit, making it hard to determine which friend is beside you. 

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With the More Suits mod, developed by user x753, everyone can wear unique outfits inspired by popular characters like Mario and Luigi. Moreover, if you have experience with modding, you could make your own outfit using More Suits. 

4. YippeeMod By sunnobunno

Not all the monsters in Lethal Company are terrifying; some of them can be cute. The Hoarding Bug, also known as Loot Bug, is one of them. Sure, it can kill you and your friends, but it will not do so without being provoked. This bug loves loot and will be happy if you give it one of the items you picked up.

The chittering SFX noise of this bug isn’t the most friendly sound, and it’s only fair to give it a cute sound to suit the adorable character of the bug. That’s where the YippeeMod comes in. This mod, created by user sunnobunno, will make the Hoarding Bug scream “Yippee” in an enthusiastic tone, which fits the context of you giving it a scrap as a present.

5. ShipLoot By tinyhoot

Best Lethal Company Mods to Spice Up Your Games

In Lethal Company, you can right-click to scan the loot and their total price. However, this feature gets a bit buggy whenever you have too much loot in your ship, or you are not scanning from the right angle. Sometimes, it becomes impossible to know if you have met the quota or have enough money to buy a ship upgrade for your next run.

Made by tinyhoot, Shiploot displays the accurate amount of money you will get by selling the loot present on your ship. 

6. LateCompany By anormaltwig

Once you pull the lever and start the ship, you cannot invite any more of your friends without quitting and restarting from your save file. With the LateCompnay mod, this feature is added to the game, and you can bring in friends who missed your initial invites.

7. Brutal Company By 2018

Best Lethal Company Mods to Spice Up Your Games

Think Lethal Company is way too easy? Then, you will appreciate the challenge of the Brutal Company mod that turns up the dial of the difficulty of each moon. 

The Best Dave the Diver Staff – Top 8 Staff

To quote our piece on this mod: “It is a relentless mod that makes the game crazy difficult along with many added features. These added features include extreme weather conditions, insanely aggressive monsters and random moon events. Some of these random moon events like the “Turret Hell” are so difficult that you cannot step inside the facility without being killed almost instantly. As soon you enter through the Main Entrance, 5 Turrets will point at you and empty its full magazine into your lifeless body.”

8. More Emotes by Sligili

Best Lethal Company Mods to Spice Up Your Games

Yes, there is a way to twerk or hit “The Griddy” in Lethal Company. All you need is the More Emotes mod created by user Sligili. 

There are only two emotes in the original game. By pressing 1, you can do a little dance, and hitting 2 allows you to point at things. The More Emotes mod brings 6 more emotes: 

  • Middles Finger
  • Clap
  • Shy
  • The Griddy
  • Twerk
  • Salute

9. YoutubeBoombox by steven4547466

Best Lethal Company Mods to Spice Up Your Games

The Boombox in Lethal Company is a purchasable item that you can buy using the money you get by selling scraps. It only plays a few songs, and if you want to jam to your favorite music from YouTube, the YoutubeBoombox mod will let you do that. 

With this mod, you can play anything from YouTube by copying and pasting their links. Now you and your friends can dance to Dua Lipa or Rick Roll the monsters. 

10. HDLethalCompany by Sligili

We love the pixelated and “bad” graphics of Lethal Company, as it makes a horror game like this one feel scarier. However, some of our friends who have problems with their vision find it hard to see anything. For them, we tried out HDLethalCompany, one of the better mods available to adjust the game's graphics settings.

With this mod, you can customize resolution, texture, fog quality, and many other things that are not available in the original game. 

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Best Lethal Company Mods to Spice Up Your Games
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