Best KVD Enforcer Loadout in Call of Duty: MW3

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Best KVD Enforcer Loadout in Call of Duty: MW3

Here is the best KVD Enforcer Loadout in Call of Duty: MW3 multiplayer

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has been updated with a wide arsenal of weapons by Activision, and all of them have been balanced throughout the game’s timeline. This is unheard of, as the typical Call of Duty game has only a handful of weapons that are usable in the game meta. This is a part of the traditional Call of Duty experience.

However, for Modern Warfare 3, this is not the case. Players don’t suffer from any major disadvantage when they wish to use a gun that is not from the top 5 best. Overall, Modern Warfare 3 has a very well-balanced arsenal and each category has strong and usable guns. Snipers, ARs, SMGSs, Pistols, and even Shotguns, all are balanced properly.

Amongst the best-rated weapons in the game, we have the KVD Enforcer. It even got featured on our Best Snipers List. The gun has seen an increase in the number of people using it, making it one of the more popular guns now. So let's take a look at the class and loadout we have made for the KV Inhibitor.

Best KVD Enforcer Loadout in Call of Duty: MW3

Considering the qualities that a proper marksman rifle should have, the KVD Enforcer is very diverse and has a lot of positive attributes. It has high mobility and a higher damage per shot amongst all the guns in its category. Overall the weapon is very potent in ranged engagements and even close-quarters fights. It is also capable of taking down multiple threats at once if used properly. There are some lackings in a few aspects of the gun, such as the high damage potential but much less damage dealt. However, if these shots are hit consistently then the KVD Enforcer can put up a show.

Best Attachments for the KVD Enforcer

One of the most massive drawbacks of the gun is its low damage potential, so while we work on increasing that damage rate, we also have to keep in mind the hazards of having such a weapon. Upping the damage will also increase recoil and mobility issues, so those are things we need to work on as well. So keeping those points in mind we have come up with the overall best loadout for the Enforcer, which is given below:

  • Monolithic Suppressor L
  • KAS-Dworf Heavy Long Barrel
  • EXO-TAC Stock
  • 20 Round Magazine
  • Broadside Factory Rear Grip

Here the attachments work on keeping the weapon stable and accurate while also increasing the damage, for example, the KAS-Dworf Long Barrale improves accuracy by making the gun heavier and bulkier. Even though players can be more accurate with their shots, they will suffer a slight reduction in ADS time. Considering that this is a marksman rifle, most engagements at longer ranges shouldn't require high ADS speeds. The EXO-TAC Stock also improves accuracy and works well with the Heavy Long Barrel. It also boosts the ADS speed slightly, bringing back some of that mobility, but it also improves stability.

Best KVD Enforcer Loadout in Call of Duty: MW3
Credit: Activision

The Monolithic Suppress also improves the weapon recoil and allows the player to be undetected in the game. Last but not least, the Rear Grip improves the ADS speed and movement speed slightly too, keeping the weapon overall balanced and making it diverse.

Best KVD Enforcer Perks and Equipment

Considering that we have made the main weapon overall balanced in each department, we have decided to suit the rest of the build for movement and mobility. Since the weapon is somewhat weaker in that aspect due to some of the attachments, we have improved the equipment to make up for all the lost stats. These perks will help the player become very mobile and allow for fast-paced action on the battlefield. This does pair well with the Enforcer's high damage build as well, which will allow the user to be a menace while using it.

  • Infantry Vest
  • Quick-Grip Gloves
  • Lightweight Boots
  • Mission Control Commlink
  • Flash Grenade
  • Throwing Knife
  • Munitions Box

All the equipment mentioned above works to make the player faster to some extent. Each part allows for some part of the player's movement to have a higher rate of speed. The Infantry Vest, for example, improves Tactical Spring Duration and the Quick Grip Gloves allow for a faster weapons swap. The Lightweight Boots improve movement speed.

The Mission Control Commlink allows for a reduction in Killstreaks by one or 125 for a Scorestreak. This pairs well with the gun and allows players to cycle through the streaks much quicker.

The Flash Grenade will allow players to stun their enemies allowing for an easier kill, while the Throwing Knife will allow players to secure close-ranged kills when someone decides to sneak up close. The Munitions Box offers a resupply on the field which is essential while playing snipers. It's also not bad that it helps out teammates.

Best Alternatives to the KVD Enforcer in MW3

Even though most weapons don’t have the same stats as the Enforcer, there are a couple that act as great alternatives to guns while having their uniqueness allowing for the user to be more prepared before taking on the Enforcer. These are the MTZ Interceptor and the MCW 6.8. The Interceptor has a higher damage rate and even has great mobility. Even if it's not the same as the Enforcer, on its own the Interceptor is a good alternative.

Best KVD Enforcer Loadout in Call of Duty: MW3
Credit: Activision

Meanwhile, the MCW 6.8, is very different but also the same. It is more focused on close to mid-range engagements. So it allows for higher movement speed, which by default beats the Enforcer but its damage at higher ranges is not that good. So it comes down to playstyle and understanding which is the way you would play if this was the Enforcer and pick an alternative based on that to prepare for the real thing.

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Best KVD Enforcer Loadout in Call of Duty: MW3
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