Best Junglers in LoL Patch 13.13

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Best Junglers in LoL Patch 13.13

Here is our jungle tier list for patch 13.13 and the best champions for your ranked climb in Season 2023.

As League of Legends evolves with each patch, so does the strategic importance of the jungle role and the delicate balance of power in the jungle is constantly shifting. That's why we're here to provide you with an up-to-date guide on the jungle tier list for patch 13.13, specifically tailored to players in the lower elos like Silver and Gold to help their climbs up the ranks.

While nearly every champion can be successful during a ranked climb, given that you master your champion, playing what’s strong in the meta gives a big edge against your opponents. Whether you're an aspiring jungler or a veteran of the role, our champion recommendations and tier list will serve as a compass, guiding you toward the most reliable and impactful picks in the current patch.

Best junglers to climb with on LoL patch 13.13



  • Great clear if practiced
  • Decent ganks before six, very oppressive after six
  • Good teamfighter and has decent 1v1s if Daisy is up
  • Great with hyper carries


  • Need to get used to clearing if you don’t want to stay at low health most of the time
  • Hard to carry games without help from the team
  • Big part of his power budget is Daisy, which isn’t that hard to kill before Ivern is 11

Ivern runes and items

ivern runes 1
Ivern runes, Screengrab via Riot Games

Playing very similar to an enchanter, Ivern really utilizes the Aery rune with his low cooldown shields. Although the secondary rune choices in this keystone aren't the greatest for him, so many high elo players recently started to use Glacial Augment more and more. If you decide to go with Glacial, you can take Domination tree as secondary for access to Relentless Hunter.

With these runes, Ivern plays more like a supportive champion, buffing his team with shields. He can get value out of most support items, but his highest win rate Mythic options are Shurelya's, if you need to chase or kite, or Moonstone for more prolonged fights.

ivern items 1

If you'd like to try a different playstyle, you can instead change up your runes for a more offensive set with Press the Attack, going for a damage Mythic in Night Harvester, followed by Imperial Mandate. This setup is more focused on playing with Daisy and her damage, with less focus on buffing and protecting your allies.

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Jarvan IV


  • Good ganks
  • Strong early skirmisher
  • Heavy crowd control against immobile carries


  • Gets outscaled without an early lead
  • Squishy in the late game
  • Doesn’t have the most damage threat late game

Jarvan IV runes and items

jarvan runes
Jarvan IV runes, Screengrab via Riot Games

Jarvan’s runes and item path are pretty set in stone at this point. The only variation can be the choice of Mythic, you can go first item Eclipse if you find yourself ahead. But after that, Black Cleaver and bruiser items are the way to go. During late game, the best item for Jarvan is Guardian Angel. Since he falls off rather hard, it helps to go in and not instantly die.

jarvan items



  • Permanent stealth after level six
  • Massive single-target burst
  • Great at cleaning up fights
  • Snowballs really fast with a couple of early kills


  • Not a lot of early game presence
  • Easy to burst if mispositions

Evelynn runes and items

evelynn runes
Evelynn runes, Screengrab via Riot Games

First Strike is a great scaling rune for most assassins/burst champions, but you can always go for an Electrocute page for more skirmish power during early game. The Domination tree also gives access to Treasure or Ultimate Hunter, both of which are great runes for Evelynn.

For items, Evelynn really likes pure Ability Power. So going for a Rabadon second after your Mythic or a Mejai’s Soulstealer if you are confident in your ability to stack it are great options. Try to not go for defensive options like Zhonya’s or Banshee’s if you can help it.

evelynn items



  • Great single-target burst
  • Good objective secure with isolation Q and Smite
  • Decent ganks after level six with Ultimate
  • Good at 1v1s if isolated


  • His damage isn’t the best when the enemy is balled up
  • Needs to find flanks during teamfights
  • Easy to kill without Ultimate

Kha'Zix runes and items

khazix runes
Kha'Zix runes, Screengrab via Riot Games

Just like Evelynn, Kha’Zix really enjoys the extra gold from First Stike and he can easily proc it from a safe distance with his W poke. The other option would be a Dark Harvest page with Treasure Hunter to snowball, and Absolute Focus/Gathering Storm for late game scaling.

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When it comes to items, Kha’Zix started to shift more toward Duskblade after the Ghostblade nefs in this patch, but the latter is still a good option. After your Mythic, you can build which Lethality item seems best, but the best options are Edge of Night and Prowler’s Claw. Another rush option can be the Umbral Glaive for maximizing your vision control, but this is more of a pro play build path since you will lack damage.

khazix items



  • Creative gank angles over walls after level six
  • Good carry potential with his massive AoE damage
  • Relatively easier vision control with trinket passive


  • Vulnerable to early invades
  • Needs ultimate for ganks so less impact before six
  • Not the best at 1v1 situations
  • Requires a decent amount of setup to play around vision

Fiddlesticks runes and items

fiddlesticks runes
Fiddlesticks runes, Screengrab via Riot Games

Similar to other AP junglers in the patch, Fiddle can go either First Strike or Dark Harvest, but since the Inspiration tree is a lot better for him with options like Future's Market and free Stopwatch, First Strike is the better primary keystone. An alternative if you want to go Domination tree is Electrocute, which gives Fiddle some needed 1v1 power. But that option is a lot less effective during teamfights as it loses value.

On the item side, you can choose to go for a mana Mythic, but since junglers get a lot of mana regen in the jungle you necessarily don't need one. Instead, consider opting for more AoE damage with Night Harvester or mobility with Rocketbelt. As a second item, you can finish your Zhonya's if you used the free Stopwatch and need extra survivability, or go for a Shadowflame if the enemy team isn't too tanky to access more flat magic pen. Consider going for an early Dark Seal, as Fiddlesticks can easily stack Mejai's with one good fight if you have a decent start to the game and decide to upgrade it.

fiddlesticks items

Patch 13.13 jungle tier list

These five champions aren’t your only options, of course. There are a lot more strong champions in the meta, and most picks can work regardless of the meta if you get proficient enough. Our overall tier list for the jungle in patch 13.13 is below.

best junglers in lol patch 13.13

  • S: Best junglers in the meta right now
  • A: Champions you can still blind and not get punished by counter matchups as much
  • B: Strong champions under the right conditions
  • C: Viable champions but need some degree of mastery
  • F: Not recommended in the current patch

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Best Junglers in LoL Patch 13.13
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