Best FM24 Free Agents – Top Players to Sign on the Cheap

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Best FM24 Free Agents – Top Players to Sign on the Cheap

Who are the best FM24 Free Agents? There are quite a few free players that are worth watching out for. These are the highlights for the Football Manager 2024 free agents.

Football Manager 2024 free agents can be a vital tool for building your squad. If you’re attempting a playthrough without the most cash to work with, then you’ll want to start making some use of the FM24 Free Agents. These are a way for you to pick out those who don’t currently have a contract. There are tons of these players in the game that you can add to your team.

When you start off in FM 24, you’ll have the option to try and track down some of the top Wonderkids or take a different tact. While you probably won’t need to make an entire squad out of these players, the best FM24 Free Agents can be an easy way to prop up your fledging squad to try and build things up using underrated players.

There are actually tons of contract-less players in the game though. If you want to get off on the right foot, you’ll need to zone in on the very best free agents. We’ll cover how they work and what the top FM24 Free Agents.

What are Football Manager 24 Free Agents?

Football Manager 24 free agents are a unique type of signing. They’re a way to get a player for less, but what exactly makes a player a free agent?

The free agent in the game can come from quite a few different sources. These are players who are in the game, but don’t currently have a contract. It’s a way to collect a player without paying a transfer fee. The best FM24 Free Agents are a great way to get some strong players without having to spend a lot of cash.

Your different teams and starting place will vary from playthrough to playthrough. You won’t always need to rely heavily on free agent players. Although, even for your run-throughs like our FM24 Stories the top free agent picks might not be the worst place to start when improving your starting squad.

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The reasons for a player being a free agent will vary. For some it’ll be the quality, others might be injury prone. Although, you’ll often see more younger players concentrated here. Thankfully the innovations with the layout and stats make it easier than ever to see all this important info while checking players out.

Since there are so many free agents though, it can be difficult to decide who the top players are. We’ve narrowed things down quite a bit though. These are the best FM24 Free Agents so you know exactly who to focus on. We’ve picked a few of the highlights across positions to help out whatever type of squad you’re looking for.

The Best FM24 Free Agents

Phil Jones

Best FM24 Free Agents

Phil Jones is a British center back who has some big pluses as one of the Football Manager 2024 free agents. They’re a stronger defender who came up through the youth academies. Although, now at 31 there’s room for a promising manager to jump in and revitalise their career. They’re not the best player in the game with a lower fitness but they’re a solid economical pick.

David de Gea

David de Gea is a Spanish player who is starting as a free agent in 2024. This player is the perfect goalkeeper to look at if you want to do things on the cheap. They’re 32, which isn’t too bad, especially for a keeper. They’ve played for Manchester United in the past too so they’re not untested. This is a free agent who can give you consistent performance and some strong results in the right circumstances.

Timo Horn

This is another goalkeeper who is one of the best FM24 free agents. They’re 30 which means they’ve got plenty of time left to play. They have some big achievements in the Bundesliga too. They’re a great alternative in the keeper position, but this is one with a few major free agents. Enough to pick different ones depending on which FM24 save idea you’re going with each time.

Danny Rose

Best FM24 Free Agents

Danny Rose is another English player, this time a Center back. They’re best known for their time at Watford, while a strong defender they have potential as a winger too. They’re easier to slot into the role that you need than build a team around, but an important part of things.


Zeka is a Portuguese midfielder with a few strong aspects. They’re one of the better cheap solutions to fit a hole in your squad. While not exactly a perfect solution, for most people this player will easily solve a midfield problem without spending too much cash. You can’t afford to be too picky with these.

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Jesse Lingard

Best FM24 Free Agents

We’ve looked at a few of the best FM24 free agents who are focused on defence so far, but there are plenty of other players who are available too. Jesse Lingard is an English player, a Midfielder. They came through the Man U youth academia, and have some strong benefits as an attacking midfielder. If this fits your tactics, they’ll work great.

Eden Hazard

The former Real Madrid left winger is one of the better players you’ll find on the EA FC 24 free agents list. They’ve actually been part of a Premier League and Europa League winning squad. As a winger, you’re getting an experienced player with some strong stats for cheap. Although, like with the others here there are reasons they’re still a free agent! That doesn’t mean they’re not helpful for your early squad though.

Santi Mina

Best FM24 Free Agents

Santi Mina is a Spanish player who can occupy your centre-forward position. They’re in their late 20s, but have a history playing with some major squads like Valencia and Celta Vigo. They’ve got a lot to offer your squad and come without a transfer fee. Like the others, they might not be perfect but it’s hard to argue with price.

Are Football Manager 2024 Free Agents important?

There’s a lot of content in FM 24. Why do the Football Manager 2024 free agents matter? These are a way for you to get new players without paying a fee. One of the bigger ways to make your budget go further is by making use of them. You’ll be able to flesh out teams much more easily by using free agents to buff your squad out.

As the game moves through the seasons, you’ll see the free agents change. It’s an area that you should keep an eye on as you progress though. It’s always a way to solve problems without having to use too much of your cash reserves. However, these top FM24 free agents are a great starting point for making use of these characters.  The best FM24 free agents have a lot to offer most saves.

Best FM24 Free Agents – Top Players to Sign on the Cheap
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