What are the Best EA FC 24 Evolution Cards? Top Picks

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What are the Best EA FC 24 Evolution Cards? Top Picks

What are the best EA FC 24 Evolution cards? These are the top picks for EA FC 24 Evolution players to use for each power-up in the first season.

EA FC 24 Evolutions are some of the most fun new features in the latest game. Once you pick Evolution cards EA FC 24, you’ll be able to increase the stats of a player to improve without having to switch them out. It’s cool we’re getting more expansive web app with the EA FC 24 release, but evolutions might be making the bigger difference to this mode so far.

They’re a special way to upgrade players. By getting through a few simple tasks, you can completely power Evolution cards in EAFC 24 up. However, there’s a limited number of these. You’re not going to be using them every day and you need to do full challenges to finish them. This makes it worthwhile to consider your resources first and figure out who the best players are for EA FC 24 evolutions. Otherwise, you’ll be back to relying on opening packs to get better cards.

Each of the Evolutions is useable for a limited number of players. This is great if you just want to pick your favorites, you saw the EA FC 24 player rankings and weren’t happy, this lets you improve some stats. What if you don’t just want to have fun though, and instead want to really optimize things to get the best teams possible? In those cases, there are some standout picks for EA FC 24 Evolutions players. Some EA FC 24 evolution cards will get more out of being upgraded than others.

If you want to min-max everything off the back in the EA FC 24 release, then these are some picks for the best cards for EA FC 24 Evolutions.


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Best Players for EA FC 24 Evolution Cards

There are a few different EA FC 24 Evolutions, but in each category, there are a set of players which will go further by being picked. Some picks that are higher in the meta for Ultimate team which can help your cards outperform others even when boosted. The Evolutions are season-based, so you’ll want to get them right straight away. These are the players to go for if you want to get the most out of everything in the first batch of evolutions.

Best Evolution Cards EA FC 24 for Welcome to Evolutions

The first Evolution is a more unique one since you can (and possibly should) use it alongside one of the others for a double evolution. However, there are still some characters with better stats that can get the most out of this. These are some picks.

  • Gerard Deulofeu
  • Joe Gomez
  • Juan Cuadrado
  • Anssumane Fati

That’s in those orders. You can likely see from their stats that these EA FC 24 Evolution cards have some advantages for Welcome to Evolutions. These are some of the other eligible players for this one.

  • Anssumane Fati
  • David Raya
  • Sergi Roberto
  • Andre Ailva

Pacey Protector – Best EA FC 24 Evolutions Players

These are the Evolution Cards EAFC 24 who will get the most out of the Pacey Protector Evolution, at least in the opening of the game.

  • Gabriel Paulista (Best pick, huge pace)
  • Artiz Elustondo
  • Samuel Umtiti

Those are the top picks. If you want to go for someone else though, these are some of the eligible players for this evolution.

  • Leonardo Bonucci
  • Giorgio Chiellini
  • Artiz Elustondo
  • Victor Lindelof
  • Axel Disasi
  • Joel Matip

Relentless Winger

EA FC 24 Evolution Cards

The Winger Evolution has a bit more to keep in mind. If you’ve already used Anssumane for Welcome to Evolutions, you can get creative here. Using the same card for both can power stats up twice. Definitely something to think in mind when you’re deciding. These are all of our top picks though.

  • Anssumane Fati
  • Naomie Feller
  • Alvaro Garcia
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If you don’t want to go for the best players for EA FC 24 evolution cards though, these are some other players you can use.

  • Steven Bergwign
  • Janine Beckie
  • Said Benrahma
  • Olga Carmona
  • Emile Smith Rowe

Golden Glow Up

Golden Glow Up is a two-part evolution which might be more limiting. Even for the two parter though, there are some clear standout evolution cards EAFC 24 has which will get more out of the evolution. These are the picks.

  • Kobbie Maino
  • Edmond Ackichi

These are some of the other eligible EA FC 24 Evolutions players;

  • Edmond Ackichi
  • Luis Acre
  • Mustafa Amini
  • Bruno Jordao
  • Musab Al-Juwair

Golden Glow Up Part 2

The second part of Golden Glow Up has a second requirement, you need to have already made an evolution on this player. The most logical choice is to just go with the card you used Golden Glow Up Part 1 on. Although, another player who you’ve used as EA FC 24 Evolution Cards could slot in too.

Evolution Cards EAFC 24 Eligibility

EA FC 24 Evolution Cards

Those are some picks for the top players, but why aren’t these the best players in FC 24? Not everyone is eligible for the evolution. The EA FC 24 Evolutions players list is everyone you can use an evolution on, not every card available. Even on top of that, you need to have the requirements met. So you might not be able to use the character you want every time. Each of our picks is eligible as the EA FC 24 Evolution cards.

Those are the last of the EA FC 24 Evolutions in the game at the moment. We’re getting more with future seasons though, so more players will be able to see an upgrade eventually! Until then you’ve got to be careful who you pick for each of these evolutions.

What are the Best EA FC 24 Evolution Cards? Top Picks
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