Best Dr. Ratio Build Guide – Free 5 Star in Honkai Star Rail

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Best Dr. Ratio Build Guide – Free 5 Star in Honkai Star Rail

Here is the best Dr. Ratio Build Guide to effectively build the free 5-Star in Honkai Star Rail, including his Light Cones to Relics to Traces

Dr. Ratio is the latest character to be released in the second half of Version 1.6 of Honkai Star Rail. It is always an exciting time for trailblazers whenever a new 5-star character is released but this one is extra special because every trailblazer will be getting a free copy of the Doctor!

Dr. Ratio is known for his sharp tongue which gets more intriguing with his backstory. He is currently a prominent member of the enigmatic Intelligentsia Guild, an organization that travels across different worlds and collects knowledge as a commodity. Here’s everything you should know if you are looking to build the powerful free 5-star unit.

Best Dr. Ratio Build Guide

Dr. Ratio follows the path of The Hunt with the type of Imaginary. As a unit from The Hunt, his damage is single target and quite fatal.

Top Light Cones for Dr. Ratio

  1. Baptism of Pure Thought: This is the Light Cone that will be released alongside Dr. Ratio, serving as his signature weapon as well as best in slot. If you have enough Stellar Jades, wishing for Baptism of Pure Thought can truly elevate The Hunt unit to another level. At Superimposition 1, it will increase Dr. Ratio’s CRIT DMG by 20%. Every time a debuff takes place on an enemy target, CRIT DMG dealt against those enemies will increase by 8%, with a maximum of 3 stacks. When the character’s Ultimate is used, they receive the Disputation effect, which increases DMG by 36% and ignores 24% of the enemy’s DEF during the follow-up attacks. The Disputation effect lasts for two turns. You can only obtain this Light Cone from his Light Cone Event Warp banner called “Brilliant Fixation”.
  2. Cruising in the Stellar Sea: If you aren't so lucky to snag the signature weapon, there is a great F2P option for Dr. Ratio! Cruising in the Stellar Sea is available in Herta’s Store for you to purchase, and it comes with great stats! It will increase Dr. Ratio’s CRIT rate by 8%, and if the enemies have less than or equal to 50% of HP, the CRIT rate is further increased by 8%. When Dr. Ratio defeats an enemy, his ATK is increased by 20% for two turns.
  3. Swordplay: If you are looking for 4-star options for your Dr. Ratio, there are some great Light Cones for the path of The Hunt. One of them is swordplay which allows an increase of 8% in DMG dealt against the same enemy, stacking up to 5 times. The stacks will be dispelled when the enemy target is changed. While not the best option available, this can greatly enhance Dr. Ratio’s damage by a hefty 40%, greatly beneficial against tanky targets. The Light Cone is available across all warp banners.
  4. Only Silence Remains: Another great 4-star option is the “Only Silence Remains”. It shall increase the ATK by 16% and if there are 2 or fewer enemies, CRIT rate will also be increased by 12%. Given how that is a common scene in the battlefield, it is easy to evoke the passive and get the stats bonuses. It is available across all warp banners and is one of the featured 4-star Light Cones in Brilliant Fixation.

Ideal Relic Sets for Dr. Ratio

  1. Wastelander of Banditry Desert 4 PC: This set will increase Imaginary DMG by 10% and when debuffed enemies are attacked, the CRIT rate is increased by 10% and CRIT DMG is increased by 20%, against imprisoned enemies. You can obtain the relics from Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Conflagration at Stargazer Navalia, Xianzhou Luofu.
  2. The Ashblazing Grand Duke 4 PC: This would increase follow-up attack DMG by 20% while granting a stacking ATK boost of 6% per follow-up attack, up to 8 stacks, lasting 3 turns. However, the attack boost will be removed after the next follow-up attack by the wearer. You can obtain the relics from Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Darkness at Fyxestroll Garden, Xianzhou Luofu
  3. The Ashblazing Grand Duke 2 PC + Wastelander of Banditry Desert 2 PC: We understand that getting 4 pieces of the same set can require quite some time and luck. Therefore, it is not too bad to get 2 pieces each from two different sets. This would give an Imaginary DMG bonus as well as an attack boost.

Abilities and Traces Priority for Dr. Ratio

The following are the abilities of Dr. Ratio:

Basic Attack – Mind is Might: Imaginary Damage equal to 50-130% of Dr. Ratio's ATK on a single enemy, depending on the level.

Skill – Intellectual Midwifery: Attacks a single enemy target with Imaginary Damage, scaling from 75-150% of his ATK.

Ultimate – Syllogistic Paradox: Inflicts Imaginary Damage ranging from 144% to 240% of Dr. Ratio's ATK to a single enemy and afflicts them with Wiseman's Folly, which enables Dr. Ratio to execute up to two follow-up attacks when allies target the afflicted enemy.

Technique – Mold of Idolatry: Creates a taunting dimension for 10 seconds. This will attract nearby enemies. The Enemy’s speed will be reduced by 15% for two turns if combat is entered with the dimension.

Talent – Cogito, Ergo Sum: When using his Skill, Dr. Ratio has a fixed chance to launch a follow-up attack, dealing Imaginary damage. Follow-up attacks are more likely to happen for each debuff target the enemy has. If the target is defeated prior to the follow-up attack, a random target will instead be attacked.

The following are the traces of Dr. Ratio

Trace – Summation: Each time Dr. Ratio uses his skill, the target's existing debuffs enhance his CRIT rate and DMG. This can stack up to a limited number of times.

Trace – Inference: When Dr. Ratio’s skill is used, there is a chance to decrease the Effect RES of the attacked enemy, which shall last for a fixed number of turns.

Trace – Deduction: If Dr. Ratio attacks an enemy that has at least three debuffs, his inflicted damage will increase by a certain number for every debuff present on the enemy, with the total increase not crossing past a fixed limit.

When building Dr. Ratio and leveling up his abilities, the following order should be prioritized: Talent ➜ Ultimate ➜ Skill ➜ Basic Attack.

How to get Dr. Ratio

As mentioned earlier, Dr. Ratio will be given for free to every trailblazer from the start of his banner (the second half of Version 1.6) to the end of Version 2.1. You must complete Trailblaze Mission: A Moment of Peace to unlock your Mailbox features, as Dr. Ratio will be delivered to you via mail.

In gacha games, a free 5-star unit is a dream and Honkai Star Rail actually made it come true for its players. If you are a low-spending player or free-to-play, you should make the best of this situation and utilize Dr. Ratio to his full potential. Using the confident and candid character, full of wisdom, may you command the stars in the Honkai universe! For more builds, guides, and gaming news, don’t forget to explore ESTNN.

Best Dr. Ratio Build Guide – Free 5 Star in Honkai Star Rail
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