Honkai Star Rail Ruan Mei Best Build 1.6

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Honkai Star Rail Ruan Mei Best Build 1.6

Here are the best Honkai Star Rail Ruan Mei Best Builds. We also have a full rundown on HSR's newest 5 Star character.

Ruan Mei is the newest character to join HSR's colorful cast of intergalactic warriors. She's a supporter who might end up as one of the best in the game so far with amazing damage mitigation tools and buffs to keep her teammates afloat. If you're looking for someone to bring the big numbers, look no further than the silken genius.

Here is a full rundown of all her abilities, and ideas on how to build her into a beast.

Ruan Mei Basic Rundown

Ruan Mei is a supporting class character of the Harmony Path with a 5-star rarity rating. She is part of the Ice Element and is incredibly powerful when paired up with other characters who deal massive damage. she has also an ability that can prolong the Weakness state which makes her extra useful in battle.

Honkai Star Rail Ruan Mei Best Build

Honkai Star Rail Ruan Mei Abilities & Traces


Basic Attack: Threading Fragrance: Ruan Mei deals Ice DMG equal to 100% ATK to a single enemy.
Skill: Strings Sing Slow Swirls: This skill lets Ruan Mei gain Overtone which lasts for up to 3 turns. During its duration all allies' DMG is boosted by 16.0% and Weakness Break efficiency is boosted by 50%.
Ultimate: Petals to Stream, Repose in Dream: Lets Ruan Mei create a field that lasts for up to 2 turns. While active, allies inside its range gain a 15% increase in All-Type RES PEN, and their attacks gain Thanatoplum Rebloom. Thanatoplum Rebloom extends the time enemies need to recover from the Weakness Break state equal to 20% of Ruan Mei's Break Effect plus 10% and will also deal 30% of Ruan Mei's Ice DMG as Break DMG. Thanatoplum Rebloom can't be re-applied to an enemy until they recover from Weakness Break.
Talent: Somatotypical Helix: The everyones SPD except for Ruan Mei is increased by 8%. When team members cause a Break, Ruan Mei deals additional Break DMG equal to 60% of her Ice Break Damage.
Technique: Silken Serenade: Once used, Ruan Mei will gain the Silken Serenade effect. At the start of the next battle, this will automatically use a Skill point to trigger the skill. In the Simulated Universe, with Ruan Mei having an active Silken Serenade Effect applied to herself, teammates will always be regarded as attacking weakness' to enter battle. This will reduce all enemies' Toughness no matter their Weakness type. Once their Weakness is broken, it'll trigger the Weakness Break Effect according to the attacker's Type. In addition, every Blessing will increase the Toughness-Reducing DMG by 100%. Once an enemy target's Weakness breaks, additional damage equal to 100& of Ruan Mei's Ice Break DMG will be dealt.


Candle Lights on Still Waters – In battle, for every 10% of Ruan Mei’s Break Effect that exceeds 120%, her Skill additionally increases allies’ DMG by 6%, up to a maximum of 36%.
Days Wane, Thoughts Wax – Ruan Mei regenerates 5 Energy at the start of her turn.
Inert Respiration – Increases Break Effect by 20% for all allies.

Ability Build Priority

Ultimate > Skill > Talent > Basic Attack

Honkai Star Rail Ruan Mei Eidolons

Lv. 1 Neuronic Embroidery: While Ruan Mei's Ultimate field is deployed, the DMG dealt by all allies ignores 20% of the target’s DEF.
Lv. 2 Reedside Promenade: With Ruan Mei on the field, all team members increase their ATK by 40% when dealing DMG to enemies with Weakness Break.
Lv. 3 Viridescent Pirouette: Ultimate Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15. Talent Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.
Lv.4 Chatoyant Éclat: When an enemy target’s Weakness is Broken, Ruan Mei’s Break Effect increases by 100% for 3 turns.
Lv. 5 Languid Barrette: Skill Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15. Basic ATK Lv. +1, up to a maximum of Lv. 10.
Lv. 6 Sash Cascade: Extends the duration of the Ultimate’s field by 1 turn. The Talent’s Break DMG multiplier additionally increases by 200%.

Honkai Star Rail Ruan Mei Light Cones

When it comes to Ligh Cones you have a lot of options to play around with. You want to build towards her break effect which you can do by obtaining her Past Self in Mirror Light Cone which is part of the banner accompanying her.


The Alternatives to build her out are as follows in order of best to worst:

  1. Memories of the Past
  2. Meshing Ccogs
  3. Carve the Moon, weave the Clouds
  4. But the Battle Isn't Over
  5. Dance! Dance! Dance!

Honkai Star Rail Ruan Mei Relics

When kitting her out, you can essentially pick between a full set of Thief of Shooting Meteor or Messenger Traversing Hackerspace. The Thief set will be better but you can also go half-and-half if you want a more versatile build.

Her Sub Stat Priority goes as follows:

Break Effect > SPD > HP% = DEF%

Honkai Star Rail Ruan Mei Ornaments

When picking Ornaments you also have some degree of choice. Penacony, Land of the Dreams is the best by a mile thanks to his DMG bonus to her Ice element as well as uptime for her Ultimate. Alternatively, you can go with Talia: Kingdom of Banditry to increase her Break Effect. Lastly, Sprightly Vonwacq comes in clutch if you want her to get the first turn and supply Skill Points to the rest of the party.

Honkai Star Rail Ruan Mei Best Teams

She is extremely versatile in almost any situation which means she'll go well with pretty much everyone as long as you have the DPS and Healers to back her up. This makes it hard to recommend one team specifically as she's an asset to any team she joins.

We however recommend pairing her up with high-damage characters such as Jingliu, Blade, Herta, Himeko, Sushang, Xueyi, Topaz, or even Kafka. Having her around makes getting Weakness Break a non-issue and often creates an opportunity to deal burst damage. Just make sure to have someone on your team to compensate for healing or defensive options.

And that's everything we got on Honkai Star Rail's new character 5 Star character, we'll have much more on the new update here on ESTNN

Honkai Star Rail Ruan Mei Best Build 1.6
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