10 Best CoD Memes – Call of Duty Memes

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10 Best CoD Memes – Call of Duty Memes

What are the best CoD memes? Across all the titles in the series, you can find loads of Call of Duty memes which have become well-known even outside of the games.

The Call of Duty franchise is one of the most iconic in all of gaming. It’s a series which has popularized a lot of what we know and love about the shooter genre. With highs and lows, the series is still going strong though. Each new release builds up a decent following and the community of players that come to each CoD is a real highlight to a lot of players. Whenever a larger community builds up around a game though, this tends to lead to some creativity. Tons of CoD memes have been spawned over the years as a result of the series.

As one of the biggest shooter franchises, CoD memes have become a big part of the game’s community. From CoD zombie memes to Warzone memes, players have found a lot of humour in most of what the series has to offer. Even in more recent titles, we’ve seen things like CoD MW2 memes take off too. As well as plenty of memes from older titles like the original MW2 and World at War.

With a series as long as this though, Call of Duty memes have been quite varied. What are the best ones? These are a collection of some of the most iconic memes from Call of Duty we’ve seen over the series’ long history.

10 Best CoD Memes

10. Bravo Six Going Dark

Quite a few of these CoD memes essentially reference some clunky or cringe lines from the game’s cutscenes and stories. This is an example of one which isn’t inherently silly by itself, but it has become memorable for one reason or another. This meme is one you’ll see referenced all over the internet and it did originate in Call of Duty.

9. No Russian – Most iconic Call of Duty Memes

CoD Memes

One of the edgy or controversial Call of Duty memes has to be the No Russian mission. It’s a part of the Modern Warfare 2 Call of Duty game. A mission where players essentially took part in a war crime or atrocity. The game tasked players with getting their hands dirty doing this. It was a fairly shocking part of the game and it has gone on to live in infamy for CoD memes. This is a darker one which is mainly used for some darker jokes, but it has become one of most well-known CoD memes over the years.

8. Woods in an Onion

One line of dialogue from CoD Black Ops Cold War has become a really popular meme. In the game, the characters Woods at one point says “I’m a goddamn onion”. The line gave birth to quite a few CoD memes in the aftermath as players tried to piece together just what it meant.

Is Woods talking in the metaphorical sense, ala Shrek? The literal sense? What exactly did he mean by I’m an onion? It was such a bizarre line it joined the roster of recognisable CoD memes. There are plenty of moments from the series where the questionable writing of the Call of Duty franchise has led to popular memes.

7. 50,000 People Used to Live Here

CoD Memes

Another CoD meme that’s on the darker side is 50,000 people used to live here. It’s another line from Call of Duty which players have taken out of context. They’ve attached it to settings where it doesn’t quite fit to make a joke out of something’s lack of popularity. It’s a great example of how some of the best CoD memes have become punchlines with their own separate interpretations even outside of the game itself.

6. Mission Failed

Mission failed is another one of the CoD memes which has gone on to have a life past the games. This is one of the Call of Duty memes which isn’t funny by itself in the game. It’s basically just the audio of what happens when you fail a mission. However, people have edited it into various other videos over the years. It’s become a great accent to throw on the end of something else to add a punchline.

5. No Scope 360


Not exactly one of the CoD memes we’ve only gotten from the series, but the trick shot has become associated with the series pretty heavily. This is a type of snipe shot where a player spins 360 degrees before landing their snipe without even using the scope. This is one of the CoD MW2 memes that shows off some real skills from players. No scoping isn’t exclusive to CoD, it’s a part of CSGO too along with other games.

Just about anyone pulling one of these off has something to brag about. It’s arguably how many of the most iconic no scope clips over the years were genuine and not staged. However, they’re always an impressive way to show off in-game.

4. Realism

A common target for CoD memes is the series’ tenuous relation to realism and the real world. Call of Duty might be a shooter that pulls from real world scenarios and even depicts real guns, but it’s a casual arcade shooter even if one with a hefty 2023 Esports season. The title has numerous elements which aren’t exactly realistic. From the way guns handle to getting nuclear bombs when you kill enough people, realism is often where players like to make jokes about the series from.

3. Ghost Staring – Best CoD MW2 Memes

CoD Memes

One of the best memes to come out of Modern Warfare 2 was Ghost, staring off into space. The very popular CoD character was depicted in a cutscene here. Staring blankly, out of his mask at something. It’s a short video which taken out of context has become quite funny. People now use it as a reaction image to tons of different things, to express a kind of bemused awareness.

2. Ramirez Do Everything – Best CoD MW2 Memes

This one of the CoD MW 2 memes comes from how a character was treated in the game. Ramirez was a fairly typical CoD character who demonstrates super human abilities in more than one area. This led to a joke of Ramirez being ordered to do just about everything. This one of the Call of Duty memes has a lot of different uses. Although, it’s not quite as popular as newer CoD memes anymore.

1. Press F to Pay Respects

CoD Memes

Out of all of the CoD memes that the title has spawned, this might be the most impactful. You can’t avoid it. You’ll find it basically everywhere online. Even completely detached from the context behind the joke, you’ll find people using F as a stand in for a more meaningful comment.

In terms of CoD, it’s a bizarre story behind this meme. In the game CoD Advanced Warfare, there’s a cutscenes where you’re attending a funeral. The game tasks you to press the F key to pay your respects. A very tasteful way to control a character in a funeral!

The press F to pay respect Call of Duty memes started as an ironic joke on such a tacky scene. In the time since though, it’s taken on a life of its own.

10 Best CoD Memes – Call of Duty Memes
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