The Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Mods (How to Install, Tips & More)

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The Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Mods (How to Install, Tips & More)

Enhance your fantasy RPG experience by installing the best Baldur's Gate 3 mods that are available for the early access.

Since its first announcement trailer was shown in 2019, Baldur's Gate 3 has had multiple communities excited for Larian Studios' new take on the D&D videogame adaptation. These expectations have grown over the years, especially after early versions of the game became available on early access.

So far, Baldur's Gate 3's prominent achievements include a wealth of customization options for character generation, great narrative questlines and origins; backgrounds that heavily influence the path your hero takes. That said, it didn't take long before players were able to finish the game's content.

As a consequence for every hit game, Baldur's Gate 3's innovative modding community emerged to try to finish the game before the developers could. These devoted individuals made it their mission to futher flesh out Larian Games' newest fantasy RPG. From creating enhanced gear progression systems to adding the rest of D&D 5th edition's spells, these modders have worked hard for over 3 years to make the game their own.

If you're wondering how install the best game mods for your playthrough, we've got you covered. Below you'll find a comprehensive list of the top 10 best Baldur's Gate 3 mods we've handpicked, as well as links to the download instructions.

Best Baldur's Gate 3 Mods in 2023

Enhanced Character Creation

Ever felt like the character generation screen needed even more options? Then look no further than AlanaSP's “Customizer's Compendium 8th Edition” to fully flesh out the PC of your dreams. More than 160 new cosmetic picks are available, and Manual download is an option for people who want to incorporate this into different mod packs.

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Customizer's Compendium 8th Edition mod link

More Feats

Feats are powerful;y specialized perks that your character can attain after reaching the level/skill/race requirement. Suffice to say, D&D has a ton of feats. Knowing this, modders wanted to add in the rest after they saw Baldur's Gate 3's already-impressive list of 42 feats. As a result, user Djmr programmed more than 14 different buffs into the game. Talk about min-maxing.

More Feats Patch9Ready mod link

Expanded Spellbook

best baldurs gate 3 mods

The quintessential part of what makes any high fantasy RPG setting great is its magic system, and Baldur's Gate 3 has the potential – nay, the responsibility – to carry over D&D's plethora of spell options. With that, a modder named Celes decided to take on the herculean task and even modified existing spells to be more accurate to the source material!

5e Spells mod link

More Magic Items

Speaking of magic, enchanted items have existed in Baldur's Gate 3's mythos since the world began. If you were unimpressed by the paltry magical curios that currently exist in the early access, never fear. A valiant modder named clintmich crafted an equipment pack that brings more of the Forgotten Realms into  Larian Studios' latest title by adding 28 unique magic items.

Rarities Of The Realms 5e mod link

Expanded Subclasses

This next one is a 4-parter, and is pretty self-explanatory. Classes further specialize when you reach a certain level, letting you add unique abilities to your arsenal as you get stronger. Understandably, the developers couldn't put every single subclass into the game before launch, so the modders stepped in. Here are the best subclass mods to make your multiclassing journey feel all the more satisfying.

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Wizard subclasses mod link

Warlock subclasses mod link

Sorcerer subclasses mod link

Rogue subclasses mod link

The Bag of Holding

The Bag of Holding is a D&D staple that lets you carry more by storing items in an extraplanar space. And the TTRPG community simply couldn't let its absence in the game go unaddressed. That's why user Chance Santana-Wees created a simple mod that basically lets you curb the carry weight limit, which is extremely useful if you plan on carrying all of your loot around with you.

Bag of Holding mod link

Expanded Equipment Mod

Creator AnteMaxx said it best in the mod's description. Almost 700 original armors and items are included in this one mod.

Basket Full of Equipment. SFW version (4th Patch 9 Update 0.0.94) mod link

Reallocate Stats Mod

best baldurs gate 3 mods

Respec your character's stats on the fly with this mod which adds a recognizable consumable in-game! This was probably an obvious element that should be in the main game once the full version releases on August 20, 2023. But for now, it remains on our list of best Baldur's Gate 3 mods.

Choose Your Stats (CYS) Patch9Ready mod link

Added Legendary Items

Take your Baldur's Gate 3 adventure a step further by adding even more legendary items to your build!

LegendaryItems Patch9Ready mod link

More Races

Rounding off our list is the Fantastical Multiverse races mod from modder Dungeons and Souls. This mega pack includes 47 different species from not only Faerun, but also Eberron, Krynn and plenty others. You'll also get to play with certain racial abilities like Innate Spellcasting and Fae Ancestry after you successfully install one of the best Baldur's Gate 3 mods out there.

Fantastical Multiverse mod link

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The Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Mods (How to Install, Tips & More)
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