Best Backpack Battles Reaper Build

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Best Backpack Battles Reaper Build

The Reaper is one of the most popular classes in Backpack Battles. We will be looking into the Best Backpack Battles Reaper Build

Backpack Battles may seem like an easy game to pick up. However, it is a lot more complex than people think it is. The game has many in game mechanics, and each item serves a particular purpose.

The Reaper class is particularly famous in the game. We will be looking at the best Backpack Battles Reaper Build.

Best Backpack Battles Reaper Build

Early Game

The most consistent build in Reaper is the vamp build, which consists of Bloodthorne, Vampiric gloves, and vampiric armor. It is easy to transition into this build by purchasing regen herbs early on, enabling a smooth transition from pan to hungry blade. This build is strong against a large number of chip damage and is very flexible. However, it is weak against ripsaw, Tim, big amethysts, and blind. It is essential to stock up on food and regen herbs in the early game. The constant health regens help maintain the reaper’s strength in battle.

Additionally, settling for the frying pan as the early game weapon is beneficial as it is cheap and can help stock up on resources. The herbs allow the Hungry Blade to be powered up once acquired after a few battles. This, combined with gloves and leather armour provides the player with more defensive options. However, only buy them when they are on sale to ensure you have enough resources available.

The Hammer and Daggers build is still viable but tends to be less consistent. It is only recommended for players who have early access to poison or spectral daggers. Players should consider opening up as many piggy banks as possible to improve this build to obtain potions that go up to 7. Although the spectral dagger version of this build scales better, it is weaker and less consistent in the midgame. Timing the transition in either version is crucial. Shield of Valor, one of the most potent defensive options in the game, is a disadvantage for this build. This build scales the best for players who can acquire a lot of topaz or stamina potions and go for Darksaber.

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Start by finding Hungry Blade as early as possible. Place it in 2 Fanny Packs, with the tip inside the bottom left coffin corner and add Gloves if you can. Once you have it secured, try to obtain Thornwhip. Once you get it, sell the Pan and upgrade to Bloodthorne as soon as possible. Don't get the whip before having a Hungry Blade; it's not worth it.

Food becomes less critical at this point, and you can sell it if you need the space. Focus on acquiring more Healing Herbs and Blood Amulet to boost Vampiric Gloves and Vampiric Armor. These will give the player the most bonuses through the playthrough. Keep an eye out for discounts on Holy Armor, Shield of Valor, and Books of Light, as they are also strong items to have.

Late Game

It is recommended that you sell all of your food at this stage. To improve your chances of success, you should equip yourself with Bloodthorne, Vampiric Gloves, and Vampiric Armor. Make sure to place the Gloves in a way that boosts the other two items. It's also important to keep an eye out for Healing Herbs, Holy Armor, Shield of Valor, and Books of Light, as they are crucial for surviving the first half of a round. Be strategic with placing these items to maximize their benefits, such as the armor gained from shields and the life regeneration from Holy Armor. Additionally, you can enhance your build by adding speed bags to Vampiric Armor, Holy Armor, or Books of Light.

Other Backpack Battles Reaper Builds

Dragon Build

Dragons – The Ruby Chonk is one of the most powerful options available in Reaper at present. By utilizing double chonk, players can build a variety of mid-game builds, such as a pan, spear, etc. This can carry them through the last few rounds of survival. Dragons don't use stamina, so players can pair them with almost anything.

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Impractically Large Greatsword Build

The Impractically Large Greatsword is a challenging build to execute, but it's powerful if the player can survive until it comes together. It's recommended only if the player has five lives at the start of round five. Otherwise, the risk in the transition is too great. The recommended items for this build include Vampiress, Aces, Blue Dragons, and all the defensive layers a player can get. It's weak against crit builds, and players must rely on something strong. The transition is challenging, but it will destroy many builds if the player times their aces correctly.

Magic Staff Build

Magic staff and Mana Thirst aren't a particularly strong build, as the strength of crit really limits how far a player can take a scaling build like this. However, players can transition to this build if they start on a strong Hungry Blade with good defenses. The low stamina usage means players can sometimes even play with a pair of Mana Thirst to ramp things up. Players should grab 2-3 Book of Light to have multiple instances of immunity throughout the battle, as it's the only way they can scale up the staff to deal enough damage.

In essence, players can play many things, but the most challenging aspect of Reaper at the moment is that all the transitions could be more comfortable. Early on, the only option is Pan, and investing money in food and space can make things difficult. However, as you progress through the game, you can sell out the things you no longer need to get more space.

Shoutout to Reddit users u/FlyingGazelles and u/denn_is_menace for a lot of the information garnered.

Best Backpack Battles Reaper Build
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