Backpack Battles Builds – The Best Options To Go For

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Backpack Battles Builds – The Best Options To Go For

We understand a lot of you want to know the best Backpack Battles builds, so we will show you what to focus on. Let’s begin.

Backpack Battles is an intriguing game that is a lot more complex than it seems. People really need to know what they are doing to be successful. This also means knowing more about the best Backback Battles builds. So, let’s learn more information about it.

Best Backpack Battles Builds

Although the meta changes, our tests have shown that these are the best builds for Backback Battles as of now.

Poison Build

If you decide to focus on this build while playing Backpack Battles, you should see a massive improvement in your success rate. If played right, you can mitigate a lot of the damage while doing significant damage yourself.

We have seen a lot of people use different aspects, but here are some things you can focus on while using this Backpack Battles build:

  • Get a Poison Dagger
  • The  Mr.Struggles Class Item is a solid option
  • You should try to get defensive items, such as the Holy Armor
  • Since armor is important getting the Corrupted Crystal is also a good idea
  • You can get the Death Scythe and Pandamonium to increase your overall poison damage


Another option that comes to mind when discussing the Backpack Battles Best Builds is Bloodthrone. This is an option you can create by combining Thorn Whip and Hungry Blade. Once you have access to it, every time you hit an enemy, 1 Heart will be converted into 1 spike and 1 Vamprism, which will increase the items’s damage.

The idea behind this build is to do as much damage as possible. While testing it, we have used the following items:

  • Pineapple
  • Djinn Lamp
  • Yggdrasil Leaf
  • Vampiric Gloves
  • Healing Herbs

It’s worth having a Strong Heroic Potion on hand because it will allow you to heal up when you run out of stamina.

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The best of the best Backpack Battles builds we need to add here is called Darksaber. This is an item you can get using the recipe for Demonic Flask and Lighsaber. This weapon deals 0.5 extra damage when there is a debuff, which means that you should focus on getting as many debuffs as possible.

What’s also special about this weapon is that it uses 1 mana to inflict 1 blind when attacking. You can actually use it with a lot of different items, but here is an example of what we chose:

  • Cursed Dagger
  • Death Scythe
  • Heroic Potion
  • Pocket Sand

Having a Poison Dagger here is a good idea because it will boost Darksaber’s damage. The same is true for Mana Orb because it will give the weapon more mana to blind different opponents.

Claws of Attack

Even though some may not agree that this is one of the best Backpack Battles Builds, we have been using it for a while and achieved impressive results. When used, this melee weapon allows you to attack 5% faster when you have a spike. Also, it produces 1 empower after 5 hits, and you need to get Walrus Tusk and Gloves of Haste to create it.

Should you decide to get this item, you should definitely combine it with Carrot Goobert. When used, it will generate temporary empower, which means you will do more damage.

Acron Collar is another good option because it increases your chances of deading critical strikes. 

Since the weapon benefits from each spike you have, it’s also worth going for a Pineapple and Djinn Lamp.


Another top Backback Battles build that deserves attention is based on the Lightsaber. The latter is a godly melee weapon that you can use to inflict 8 blinds for 5 seconds as long as you use 3 hearts. Furthermore, the weapon deals +1 damage per blind.

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Experienced Backpack Battles players will notice that this weapon uses a lot of hearts, and it’s true. If, however, you use it correctly, the weapon can deal an insane amount of damage. 

Choosing this Backpack Battles best builds alternative will require you to get a Yggdrasil Leaf because it produces a lot of hearts. You should also get Vampiric Gloves because it will increase the weapon’s attack speed.

You can also get a Carrot Goobert and put Holy Armor close to your Lightsaber. The idea of this build is to do critical blows and blinks to your opponent. We have had the chance to go up against this build several times, and it was always a nightmare to deal with.

Falcon Blade

The last of the best Backback Battles builders we want to discuss is based on a weapon called Falcon Blade. Besides the cool name, this weapon is extremely useful because it will allow you to hit twice. Furthermore, if you put the right items next to it, it will give them a faster activation time.

If you decide to use this build, we recommend getting Piercing Arrow and Acorn Collar. These two will allow you to increase your crit chance. 

You can also get a Djinn Lamp because it will increase the damage of your Falcon Blade. One lamp is enough ot get +27 extra damage, but some people prefer to stack many of them because this allows them to activate the effect much faster.


These were, in our opinion, the best Backbacl Battles Builds you can go for. All of them are good and will let you do a lot of damage, as long as you know how to play with them. This game has a lot to offer, so make sure to follow ESTNN regularly if you don’t want to miss out on the latest news.

Backpack Battles Builds – The Best Options To Go For
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