Beginners Guide On How To Find Rubies In Return To Moria

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Beginners Guide On How To Find Rubies In Return To Moria

Here's our guide on how to find rubies in return to moria. Use this guide and discover rubies that you can use to craft various weapons and items in the game

Rubies are one of the most important items that you will need to farm in Return to Moria because they are required for a lot of crafting items and builds.

In order to gather them, you have to go to the Lower Deeps or further and start searching for the Orkish chests. Another option to find rubies is from the deep dark areas

How To Find Rubies In Return To Moria

Rubies are a rare and valuable resource in Return to Moria. They can be used to craft powerful items, such as the Ruby Amulet of Fire and the Ruby Sword of Might, or sold to a jeweler for a large sum of gold. Rubies are only found in the deepest levels of the mines, and they can be difficult to find even for the most experienced miner.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to find rubies in Return to Moria:

  • Prepare for your journey. Make sure you have a pickaxe with a high mining bonus, plenty of torches, and a good supply of food and water. You may also want to bring a friend or two, as mining in the deepest levels of Moria can be dangerous.
  • Venture into the deepest levels of the mines. Be careful as you travel deeper into the mines, as the enemies become more powerful and the environment becomes more treacherous.
  • Look for ruby veins. Ruby veins are large veins of red ore that contain rubies. They can be found in most of the mines in Moria, but they are most common in the deepest levels. Ruby veins are often found near water sources, so listen for the sound of running water as you explore.
  • Mine the ruby vein. Once you have found a ruby vein, you will need to mine it using your pickaxe. Be careful not to mine too close to the walls or ceiling, as this can cause them to collapse.
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  • Cut and polish the rubies. Once you have mined the ruby vein, you will need to cut and polish the rubies. This can be done using a chisel and whetstone, or by taking the rubies to a jeweler.
  • Use or sell the rubies. Once the rubies are cut and polished, you can use them to craft jewelry or other items, or sell them to a jeweler for a large sum of gold.
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Additional Tips

Here are some additional tips to remember when farming rubies.

  • The ruby vein is so large that it takes up the entire wall of the tunnel. The rubies are sparkling and gleaming in the torchlight, and they look like a river of fire.
  • As you mine the ruby vein, you can feel the heat of the rubies radiating through your pickaxe. The air around the vein is hot and humid, and you can feel sweat dripping down your face.
  • The sound of your pickaxe striking the rubies is like a symphony. It is a beautiful and haunting sound that echoes through the tunnels.
  • As you collect the rubies, you can feel their weight in your hands. They are heavy and solid, and they represent all of the wealth and power that you could ever want.

Here’s to Farming Rubies In No Time

Farming rubies in Return to Moria is a challenging but rewarding task. Rubies are a valuable resource that can be used to craft powerful items or sell for a large sum of gold. By following the tips in this guide, you can increase your chances of finding and farming rubies efficiently.

Good luck on your journey to becoming a wealthy and powerful ruby miner!

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