BBC Sport to Show Rocket League European Spring Series

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BBC Sport to Show Rocket League European Spring Series

The European Rocket League Spring Series will be broadcast online from the BBC Sport website, app, and BBC iPlayer.

BBC Sport will host the Spring Series finals which take place on Saturday, May 9 –10. The event will also be shown live on GINX Esports TV on Sky in the UK.

Ben Gallop, BBC Sport head of digital had this to say:

“Rocket League is one of the most exciting esports in the gaming world and to have the European Spring Series live on the BBC’s digital platforms is something we’re really pleased to be able to offer, especially for our younger audiences.”

With the current global pandemic due to COVDI-19, the BBC are not the first major channel to broadcast esports events in the wake of traditional sports being canceled. While the BBC does not regularly broadcast esports, this is far from its first foray into the sector. Back in 2015 BBC Three & online hosted the League of Legends World Championship quarter-finals, which was being played in London. They also broadcast the Gfinity Elite Series.

A Boost for Rocket League

Over the past few years, Rocket League has slowly crept its way into the top tier of esports. With a dedicated fanbase, a solid esports foundation and one of the easiest to understand rulesets in esports, Rocket League has truly put the sport in esports.

As for the BBC, Rocket League is a perfect alternative to the UK’s most-watched sports, football (soccer) which is currently on hold due to COVID-19. With the right hosts, and some simple explanations, non-traditional UK-based sports fans could be in for a real treat with Rocket League and the game could find itself with a huge boost in viewership going forward.

The two-day Rocket League European Spring Series will take place on May 9–10 and feature a $125,000 prize pool. The full roster of teams taking part are:

  • Dignitas
  • Renault Vitality
  • mousesports
  • FC Barcelona
  • The Clappers
  • Endpoint
  • Canyons
  • Team BDS

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BBC Sport to Show Rocket League European Spring Series
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