Battlefield 2042 Is Releasing Without Single Player Mode

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Battlefield 2042 Is Releasing Without Single Player Mode

If you were hoping for another Battlefield campaign, we’ve got bad news.

Following the Battlefield 2042 reveal today, many fans are extremely excited. Massive multiplayer battles seem to be what everyone remembers from Battlefield games. While the campaign is always spectacular, it’s never at the forefront of marketing, or the fans' thoughts on the game.

However, the fans that do enjoy a Battlefield campaign will be disappointed. It has been confirmed there will not be a single-player mode in Battlefield 2042.

While DICE did say that Battlefield has a “world [that] is very rich with lore.” and that “all specialists, all locations, the lore has a lot of depth.”, there’s nothing quite like a single-player campaign.

Why would Battlefield leave out a campaign?

As mentioned before, the main bulk of Battlefield players focus on multiplayer or only play multiplayer. With so many “Only in Battlefield” experiences seen online, the campaign can sometimes seem like a feature that takes away from the multiplayer and takes more than it gives to the whole game.

Alongside this, the new live service model that Battlefield 2042 will be taking caters specifically to multiplayer and will keep fans playing for years to come. A single-player mode is likely to only last around six hours. So the more work that goes into making the multiplayer sublime, the more players will keep playing.

Battlefield 2042’s gameplay trailer is set to release on June 13. An open beta is also rumored for the end of the month.

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