Balatro Obelisk: What is It?

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Balatro Obelisk: What is It?

Balatro was certainly one of the surprises of February, so much so that it ended up in the ranking of the best games of the month. With its originality, it has managed to win over critics and players, even if some aspects of the game may not be very clear to most. In this article, in fact, we will explain what the Balatro Obelisk is so that you know how to use it in your next game.

Balatro Obelisk Explained

The Balatro Obelisk is nothing more than one of the cards in the game deck. To be precise, it is one of the Jokers available. Balatro is a game inspired by Poker, as are its cards, but there are differences that make the game even more addictive. In this case, this card has some bonuses that you can use during the game.

This is a rare card, so it won't be very easy to find. However, its purchase price is not that high, because to add it to your deck, you will only have to pay 8 dollars (4 are the dollars you will receive if you decide to sell it). Speaking of which, the first thing to know about this card is that it can be used in any deck, so there are no such limitations.

Balatro Obelisk

But what is the effect of this card? Each card, especially special cards, has effects that are used during a game in Balatro. The Balatro Obelisk is a card that starts at x1 Mult and provides a x0.2 Mult every time a hand is played. However, this multiplier can be broken if you play the most-played hand, as well as if you break a tie with the most-played hand.

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Consequently, you must be very careful when playing your cards and always pay attention to your run information in the run menu. The Balatro Obelisk is a very useful card to use, especially if you decide to use it together with Blueprint and Brainstorm, which are able to copy its effects and therefore you have the possibility of obtaining an even higher score.

Balatro Obelisk: What is It?
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