The First Balance Changes to the New LoL Arena Game Mode Are Coming to the PBE Server

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The First Balance Changes to the New LoL Arena Game Mode Are Coming to the PBE Server

League of Legends' highly anticipated new game mode is getting its first balance patch in preparation for the patch 13.14 release.

The upcoming LoL Arena game mode is generating excitement among players and content creators, providing a much-needed breath of fresh air to the popular MOBA with its unique gameplay mechanics and exhilarating battles. As the release date on the live servers draws closer, Riot Games has announced a series of balance changes based on player feedback gathered during the mode's testing phase on the PBE server. These adjustments aim to address overperforming champions, items and augments while introducing more variety to the experience.

One of the game designers on the Summoners Rift Team, Madness Hero, shared details of the upcoming changes for LoL Arena mode on a Twitter post. Rather than focusing on individual champions, Riot has targeted specific roles for their first balance pass of the PBE. As part of these changes, all ranged champions will receive bonuses to attack speed, haste and movement speed, giving them an edge in combat and enhancing their effectiveness in the Arena.

Mages, who have been performing admirably in the new mode, will face some adjustments. Riot is focusing on nerfing specific magic penetration items such as Void Staff and Sorcerer Shoes. However, artillery mages will receive some compensation in the form of increased ability power on their Mythic options. At the same time, AP assassins will gain access to more HP to their Mythics, giving them more survivability.

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To enhance the early-game experience, Riot is also reevaluating starting Guardian's items. Currently, Guardian's Dirk stands out as the most powerful option for a majority of champions, necessitating readjustments to ensure a more balanced choice for players, while some other starting items are getting much-needed buffs.

Augments also play a crucial role in the 2v2v2v2 experience, and Riot is committed to achieving a balanced system similar to the one in TFT. In the upcoming PBE changes, 13 augments will get adjusted to provide players with diverse options and ensure a fair and enjoyable experience in the game mode.

Among the individual champion changes getting nerfed to bring them more in line with other champions are Taric, Kayn and Teemo, who have been dominating the 2v2v2v2 mode so far. On the other hand, champions like Nunu and Yorick will receive buffs, allowing them to shine and present players with exciting gameplay opportunities.

With ten days remaining until the official release of the Arena mode on the live League of Legends servers, players can expect further balance changes to hit the PBE. The highly anticipated release of the Arena mode is planned for July 20, alongside the game's summer event, Soul Fighter.

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The First Balance Changes to the New LoL Arena Game Mode Are Coming to the PBE Server
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