Backpack Battles Recipe List – How To Get The Items You Want

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Backpack Battles Recipe List – How To Get The Items You Want

The Backpack Battles Recipe list is important, no matter if you are new or have some experience in this game. It’s time to learn everything about them.

People who are new to Backback Battles will be happy to know that they can combine different items and create a completely new one. The latter is usually more powerful, so it’s definitely something you want to be aware of.

In order to know how to combine, you need to have the proper Backbac Battles recipe list.  Lucky for you, our team took the time to write down everything, so let’s see how to combine these items and what you can expect. 

How to Combine Backback Battles Items?+

If you do not know how to combine items in Backpack Battles, all you need to do is hover over a given item in the shop menu. If you see that it has blue lines, it means that you can combine it with another option on the screen. The latter will also have these blue lines.

Once you have this sorted, you will have to place the relevant items next to each other in your backpack. After doing this, you will see the name of the new item. 

In order to complete the item combination, you may need to get specific ingredients. Also, you will see a gold line linking the items you want to combine, which is the sign that the items have been linked.

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Lastly, you will have to play one round with the items you want to get in order to complete the combination. 

Backpack Battles Recipe List

Now that you know how to combine different Backpack Battles items, it is time to see the specific recipe list and the options you will get. Keep in mind that we have included some of the options you will see on our best Backback Pattles Builds list, so learn more about them.  

We want you to have quick access to everything, so instead of going over each one, we will give you a large table that contains all of the details you should know.

The table will contain torches, Blood Items, and Gooberts


Recipe The item from the Combination
Stone Skin Potion  Cap of Resilience Stone Helmp
Lump of Coal Wooden Sword Torch
Corrupted Crystal Heat Container Heart of Darkness
Fire Item (any) Lump of Coal Burning Coal
Fire Item (any)  Torch Burning Torch
Mana Potion Torch Magic Torch
Hungry Blade Thorn Whip Bloodthrone
Blood Amulet Leather Armor Vampiric Armor
Blood Amulet Gloves of Haste Vampiric Gloves
Dagger Blood Amulet Bloody Dagger
Blood Amulet Goobertg Blood Goobert
Goobert Lightsaber Light Goobert
Hero Sword Goobert Steel Goobert


Aside from these goobers, you can also get the following:

  • Poison Goobert – Goobert + 2x Fly Agatic
  • Rainbow Goobert Omegaooze Primaslime – Goobert + Light Goobert + Poison Goobert + Steel Goobert + Blood Goobert
  • Ranblow Goobert Megasludge Aplhapuddle – Goobert + Light Goobert + Carrot Goobert + Blood Goobert + Steel Goobert
  • Carrot Goolbert – 2x Carrot + Goobert
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Blades & Potions


Recipe The item from the Combination
Gloves of Haste x2 Hero Sword Falcon Blade
Wooden Sword Whetstone x2 Hero Sword
Hero Sword Whetstone x2 Hero Longsword
Hero Longsword Falcon Blade Crossblades
Stone x2 Stone Skin Potion Strong Stone Skin Potion
Banana Heroic Potion Strong Heroic Potion
Healing Herbs Health Potion Strong Health Potion
Fly Agaric Pestilence Flask Strong Pestilence Flask
Demonic Flask Corrupted Crystal Strong Demonic Flask
Blueberries Health Potion Mana Potion

Magic Items and Mana


Recipe The item from the Combination
Mana Potion Dagger Spectral Dagger
Mana Orb Hungry Blade Manathirst
Broom Mana Orb Magic Staff
Acorn Collar Magic Staff Critwood Staff
Demonic Flash Magic Staff Staff of Unhealing
Corrupted Crystal Magic Staff Darksaber


Pans, Armor and Other Items


Recipe The item from the Combination
Heroic Potion Pan Eggscalibur
Corrupted Crystal Pan Pandamonium
Corrupted Crystal Holy Armor Corrupted Armor
Shield of Valor Mana Orb Moon Shield
Corrupted Crystal Cap of Resilience Cap of Discomfort
Walrus Tusk Wooden Buckler Spiked Shield
Pestilence Flask Dagger Poison Dagger
Gloves of Haste Walrus Tusk Claws of Attack
Ruby Whelp Holo Fire Lizard Ruby Chonk
Broom Pan Shovel
Lucky Cover x2 Piggybank Lucky Piggy
Piggybank + Hammer Hammer Bunch of Coins
Customer Card Customer Card Platinum Customer Card
Glowing Crown Spear Holy Spear
Walrus Tusk Bow and Arrow Tusk Piercer
Bow and Arrow Pestilence Flask Belladonna’s Whisper
Lucky Clover x2 Bow and Arrow Fortuna’s Grace


Backpack Battles Recipe List – How To Get The Items You Want
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