Attack on Titan Fan Game Launches

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Attack on Titan Fan Game Launches

After the conclusion of the anime, one fan set out to an Attack on Titan Fan Game as close as possible to the show. We played it and told you what you need to know before you pick it up.

Considering that Attack on Titan has been one of the biggest anime franchises of the past 10 years, you'd be surprised how little is out there in terms of video game adaptations. Due to its rather unique take on high-tension battles, it's not too easy to put the license on an open-world adventure or brawler and call it a  day.

There have been a few attempts but an official Attack on Titan that manages to replicate the dexterity and speed of decision-making always seemed impossible. Unless you look at the growing section of fan games.

There have been a few attempts at an Attack on Titan game, most prominently Feng Lee's Attack on Titan browser game which was abandoned back in 2016 but still fosters a small but dedicated community.

Swammy Releases Attack on Titan Fan Game

Swammy an indie developer working for BLACKBOX is known in the indie games community to release the occasional fan game. Previously he had released a mobile game based on the popular Chainsaw Man anime and had already given Attack on Titan a crack a year ago.

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This new release is a completely reworked version of Swammy's previous attempt at an Attack on Titan game. Remade the mechanics involving the Omni-Directional Mobility Gear to make it feel more weighty and dynamic.

With this version, the fan game also introduced a multiplayer mode hosted by Epic Games. This allows a set number of players to team up on one of two maps and fight Titans together. The mode is still pretty barebones but it's only the first of 4 planned updates.

What exactly these updates will entail, we don't know yet but we assume Swammy will keep an eye on feedback and plan accordingly. But keep in mind that this is very much a side project of his as he focuses on his game Mecha Attack.

Other Attack On Titan Fan Games?

Swammy's game isn't the first Attack on Titan fan game though. There is also Rorak's Attack on Titan Fan Game which takes the movement of the Omni-Directional Mobility Gear and puts it in a competitive environment.

Here two teams face off against each other using swords, guns, or the thunder spears to gain points. There is also a racing mode that tests your abilities with the ODM Gear.

Last but not least is the aforementioned AoT Fan Game by Feng Lee who has since abandoned the project back in 2016, but there is still a small community maintaining and hosting servers for the game. You have to do a little bit of searching though to find the downloadable client for this browser game.

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Official Attack on Titan Games

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When it comes to official games, there are sadly slim pickings for anyone who wants to take the fight to the Titans. There were two Japanese-exclusive 3DS titles that tried to bring the 3-dimensional action to a small screen with little to no success.

As for major console releases, there are A.O.T. Wings of Freedom and A.O.T. 2 and its DLC Final Battle by Omega Force, the developers behind Dynasty Warriors.

Both of these games are fantastic, the second one especially which features an original campaign that lets you play as an original character who lives through the events of the first two seasons of the anime.

The later released Final Battle DLC then adapts the happenings of the Royal Goverment Arc and the Return to Shiganshina Arc. The DLC also adds a campaign mode similar to the ones found in the Dynasty Warriors Empires games as well as access to the pistols and thunderspears.

There are currently no plans for another Attack on Titan game. But we might see someone, maybe even Omega Force adapt the final season of the cult anime.

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Attack on Titan Fan Game Launches
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