Astroneer Vs No Man’s Sky: Ultimate Space Exploration Game

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Astroneer Vs No Man’s Sky: Ultimate Space Exploration Game

Confused about which game to buy between Astroneer vs No Man’s Sky? Let’s solve the debate and see which earns a recurring spot in your gaming sessions

The choice between Astroneer and No Man's Sky is similar to selecting a rocket for your journey through the cosmos. It's a decision that can shape your gaming experience and shape your adventures in an infinite universe. So let’s break down these two games and see which one can sturm the chords of your next gaming desire!


We have been keen observers of Astroneer's evolution from the beginning because it is such a compelling tale. It all began in 2015 with a charming teaser trailer that piqued players' interest and showed a spaceman exploring an alien landscape. 

Astroneer Vs No Man's Sky: Ultimate Space Exploration Game
Credit: Steam

With a sandbox experience resembling a combination of No Man's Sky and Minecraft, Astroneer made its Early Access debut in 2016. The game has now, seven years later, found a new home on the Nintendo Switch, a system that is ideal for its portable, exploratory gameplay.

The storyline of Astroneer is pretty straightforward: you are an astronaut named Sylva who has just landed on an Earth-like planet. A Mission Log gently directs you to activate enigmatic structures and explore nearby planets even though there are no set objectives. The fundamental activity is crafting, and you'll be drawn into exploration to keep the cycle going. 

You can find resources, construct your base, and gain access to new tools and crafting modules by using a terrain tool. Although the loop is very satisfying, it may cause resource dependencies that force you to go back and get the one thing you forgot.

Astroneer was criticized back in 2016 for things like janky physics, a confusing tutorial, and its oh-so-erratic windstorms. The majority of these issues had been resolved as of 2022, though. Deadly windstorms are a thing of the past, and the tutorial offers useful information. You can survive despite the difficulties if you follow the game’s rules and take precautions. 

Janky physics, particularly when it comes to vehicles, are still a problem and can be annoying. But with new content and cooperative gameplay, the game has significantly improved over time. Astroneer's charm and interesting crafting loop continue to fascinate players whether you're on PC or the Switch.

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No Man’s Sky

Astroneer Vs No Man's Sky: Ultimate Space Exploration Game
Credit: RoboKast

The procedurally generated space simulator No Man's Sky debuted in 2016 amid intense anticipation but fell short of its pre-release promises. Technical problems, a lack of gameplay, and a barrage of criticism aimed at Hello Games all contributed to its shortcomings. 

Over time, though, the game significantly changes and consistently lives up to its initial promises, and the story takes a dramatic turn. The anticipation grows as it makes its way to the Nintendo Switch, transforming into a remarkable space exploration experience that fully embraces the pre-release hype.

Since launch, No Man's Sky has undergone significant improvements, particularly in the procedural generation, variety of planets, and enjoyable exploration experiences. Character customization, a stronger economy, base building, farming units, space combat, and other features are now part of the gameplay. 

The tutorial has also been improved to offer a strong introduction. The game now offers a variety of gameplay loops that keep players interested, becoming the title that players envisioned in 2016.

Despite some visual compromises and slightly longer loading times, No Man's Sky's Switch port is generally a good experience. Alongside games like The Witcher 3 and DOOM, it maintains a nearly flawless 30FPS frame rate, making it one of the best Switch ports. The game's vibrant, bold design makes the handheld blurriness and occasional pop-in hardly noticeable. 

The portability of No Man's Sky is delightful for both extended sessions and brief bursts, making the sacrifices worthwhile. The Waypoint Update offers a smoother experience with improved features and customization options, further bringing the game in line with other platforms. 

This port is evidence of both Hello Games' unwavering dedication to providing a polished experience and No Man's Sky's remarkable journey.

Head-to-Head Comparison

Now let's get down to the nitty-gritty details.

Gameplay Mechanics 

When it comes to gameplay, Astroneer offers a relaxed, creative experience with a strong focus on resource gathering and base building. No Man's Sky, on the other hand, takes a more immersive approach, offering a vast, open universe with exploration, trading, and survival elements. 

Astroneer's mechanics encourage creativity, while No Man's Sky provides a more complex, survival-oriented experience.

Graphics, Art Style, and World-Building

Astroneer boasts charming, cartoonish graphics that immerse you in a playful and inviting atmosphere. Its world-building focuses on creativity, allowing players to shape their environments. 

In contrast, No Man's Sky presents a more realistic graphical style, striving for immersion in a near-infinite universe. Its world-building is procedurally generated, offering a wide variety of biomes, creatures, and landscapes.

Multiplayer and Community Aspects

Astroneer supports multiplayer, allowing players to collaborate in building and exploration. No Man's Sky also has multiplayer features, enabling you to explore its vast universe with friends. Both games have active communities, with players sharing discoveries, tips, and mods freely.

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Astroneer vs No Man's Sky – Which is Better?

Here are the features that makes the games stand out from one another.


Astroneer Vs No Man's Sky: Ultimate Space Exploration Game
Credit: Steam

With its four-player cooperative multiplayer, Astroneer significantly outperforms No Man's Sky. On the contrary, No Man's Sky's expansive universe can make players feel alone. Exploration is made more enjoyable by Astroneer's multiplayer, especially in cave systems where cooperating to share resources, clear terrain, and place life-support tethers is a seamless experience. 

The excitement of racing or surviving catastrophic crashes is enhanced by the ability to customize Rover vehicles. When played with friends, Astroneer makes resolving survival conundrums more entertaining and promotes a sense of camaraderie.


Astroneer Vs No Man's Sky: Ultimate Space Exploration Game
Credit: Ready Games Survive

The approach taken by Astroneer is particularly user-friendly.  No Man's Sky can be confusing for players because of its intricate crafting system and confusing UI. Whereas, Astroneer keeps things simple. It offers direction, making sure that players are aware of the fundamentals right away. 

The objective is crystal clear: develop your base, discover new modules, and visit new planets. In Astroneer, crafting is straightforward and requires only a few ingredients. Anyone can jump into the game and understand its mechanics within the first hour thanks to its simplicity.


Astroneer Vs No Man's Sky: Ultimate Space Exploration Game
Credit: Tech Raptor

Although there aren't many artistic resources available in Astroneer, players can shape or collect terrain to their liking. This versatility enables the design of innovative bases and the construction of protective structures. The modular construction tools in the game allow for unusual combinations, such as building independent mining convoys using rovers and specialized machinery. 

On the other hand, No Man's Sky still restricts the player's ability to leave a lasting impression on a planet, despite the addition of creative elements through updates like the Foundation update. The ability of Astroneer to use its creative freedom to customize the environment with tethers, creating a haven in the void of space, makes survival seem almost trivial.


Ultimately, the decision depends on you, the player! In our opinion, No Man’s Sky is significantly superior to Astroneer for exploration and similar tasks, but Astroneer performs base construction and progression slightly better. NMS is without a doubt the winner in terms of content and Astroneer offers a seamless multiplayer experience.


Astroneer Vs No Man’s Sky: Ultimate Space Exploration Game
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