Astralis Opens First-Ever Flagship Store In Tivoli Gardens

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Astralis Opens First-Ever Flagship Store In Tivoli Gardens

News that's sure to delight Astralis fans, the org is planning to open it's first ever flag-ship store in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen-based amusement park Tivoli Gardens will soon house a fun-filled facility built by Danish esports organization, Astralis. Best known competitively in CS:GO, Astralis also boast rosters in Fifa and League of Legends. Although this isn't an ideal time for theme parks, fans can look forward to it opening in June.

Astralis' First-Ever Flagship Store

Astralis' “first-ever flagship store,” will provide plenty of cool perks. Gaming setups for over 130 people, mini-tournaments, fan events, viewing parties, and VIP rooms. Plus, merch available for purchase from Astralis's partners; including HP's Omen, Logitech G, and audio brand Bang & Olufsen.

Teaming up with Tivoli to bring the facility to life, Astralis chief executive Anders Horsholt described this as the first step in the company's strategy for building more personal and direct fan experiences.

Something for everyone

“We want to offer something that both hardcore esports fans, gamers, and a more casual audience will enjoy. And we are extremely pleased to launch the strategy in separate cooperation with the most iconic entertainment center in Denmark,” Horsholt added.

In their press release, Astralis explained the aim was to create a perfect balance between “all of the positives” gaming, esports and traditional family entertainment have to offer. The end goal was to create something to appeal to a diverse audience.

It also looks like there's the potential for other Astralis stores later down the line. Describing its Tivoli-based flagship store as ‘the first of its kind'. However, for now the organization is focusing on the flagship. With Horsholt adding that they're looking forward to having a fully booked calendar of gaming events for this year.

Tivoli CEO Susanne Morch Koch said. Koch lauded their “strong and innovative” partnership with Astralis, which she described as a world-class esports team. Koch went on to say that Astralis has a huge fanbase, making it a perfect brand for moving into the ‘Tivoli Corner' with its one-of-a-kind architecture, central in Copenhagen.

Considering the popularity of Astralis, this is likely to offer an exciting experience for avid local gamers and traveling fans alike.

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